SDK Release Announced

We finally have a release date for SDK! By the sounds of it Apple is planning quite the event for March 6th. So, no more speculation needed, we finally have some hard facts…though I do feel like Steve is letting me down a little I know I can quote him saying, “The end of February” on more than one occasion! Anyway…I can’t wait! We will keep you updated!

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  1. I hope the SDK has an iPhone emulator so we can test our apps on our computers. I’m curious to know if this is Mac only, or if it will work on PCs too.

    If there is a way to test apps on the PC, I’ll get it and try to throw together some fun apps. If not, I’ll cry until September when my contract expires.

    • Dude Adam that would be soooo sweet if you put together some apps!!! I don’t know if they will make it Mac only or not…I guess we will find out on the 6th!

  2. good thing i managed to make a hackintosh!

  3. I heard that Apple is going to charge for upgrading SDK, which is so-called
    1.1.5. Is there any news for that to approve the “rummor?”

  4. And maybe the SDK will be for Mac only. So he can earn more on Macs .-) Even if it is so, windows hacks will soon be out :-)

  5. Dustin James says

    one big question in play is weather or not Apple will make every application be licensed by them first.

    • I don’t know but, I wonder if they are just going to let any app in…I doubt it. They will probably have some sort of restriction or review period for every app. They will probably have to be approved…I couldn’t imagine them just letting any old app oin.

  6. Aguardo com muita espectativa o SDK para o iPhone que pelos vistos dia 6 de Mar

  7. My questions is…are you going to have to buy every app through iTunes. I would if there will be any free apps?

    • Brooke, I would expect that they will allow free apps. If they don’t, then people won’t care about the SDK and just keep making apps for jailbroken phones. Or else find someway to bypass it.

      Besides, if you make the app and they charge for it, that just isn’t fair, is it?

      I expect Apple to create a distribution system so that people can sell trusted apps on the iTunes marketplace. Otherwise, I would expect to see some method of installing an app through iTunes after downloading the app from somewhere.

  8. Dustin James says


    That was a ‘rumor’ for 1.1.4. In my opinion, Apple cannot charge us to have an update on a device that they have. I have many reasons why they cannot:

    1. Bug fixes – if they charged for 1.1.5 then they couldn’t force people to upgrade to 1.1.6 and so forth. If a security hole developed with current firmware, how could Apple force an update?
    2. Apple doesn’t charge to the 1.X.x place so why would they now?
    3. Even OSX updates are free – Think about it. When you update your Mac you run software update. When OSX 10.x is release, you cannot just update through the updater, you have to buy new software and install it.

    I read somewhere that Steve Jobs said that they were looking into a licensing system like (I think) Nokia does. In other words, all applications will have to be approved by Apple and will be licensed by them.

    I believe that Apple might charge for iPhone games and will use iTunes as the catalyst to install them. I predict $1.99 per game.
    I just found where Steve Jobs makes the statement that they are looking into creating a digital signature for each application.

    read it here: