SuperPong 0.6

SuperPongSuperPong 0.6 adds a good amount of content and fixes. The first update, is the addition of the “Info/About” section. It says that the game was created by Jazon Burneel, and that the game is still in beta. There is also a “Okay”, “Visit Website”, and “Donate! (more info)” button. The other menu that was changed was the menu that pops up when you pass a level. They added the buttons “Setting and Info” and “I think I’m Done” which is a revised version of “I’m Done”. The major update in SuperPong 0.6 is the new mechanics. Firstly, there are 5 new levels!. It is still the same were they just add more and more blocks, but there is a new type of block. Every other level contains dark blocks. These blocks need two hits in order for them to break. When you hit them once they have a nice crack effect. As usual the graphics in this game is top notch. Lastly, the highest difficulty is more polished. The paddle is easier to control. I am very excited about the future of this game. SuperPong is available through the BigBoss source.

SuperPong 0.6 Change Log:
    *Added “Info/About” to the setting section
    *New buttons for the “game over” and “next level” menus
    *The paddle seems a lot smoother on higher difficulties
    *5 new levels for a total of 10
    *New blocks-takes two hits to break

SuperPong 0.6 SuperPong 0.6 SuperPong 0.6 SuperPong 0.6 SuperPong 0.6

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