Tell us your SDK wishes

I’ve been dreaming of what the SDK will bring and I can think of some pretty sweet new apps but, I want to hear from you. Tell us in the comments what you’re hopes and dreams are. Hopefully some developers read this site and will get some ideas. Here’s my wish/prediction list:

Flickr – Imagine if Flickr themselves built not only an app that lets you browse your photos, sets, etc. but, if you could take a photo with your built in camera and then add tags, title, description, rotate, set privacy settings and then upload it right to your account. I’m sure there are even more features you could dream up but this is a start.

Twitter – Again, if built by twitter themselves, imagine a pretty twitter app built just for the iPhone. I’ll admit Hahlo is pretty perfect but I’d love twitter as an app.

Google – There is already Google Maps and it’s about as perfect as it can get and although their web apps are pretty sweet, imagine Google talk always running on your iPhone. Or your Calendar app syncing with Google Calendar or other online calendar continuously over wifi and EDGE. Then there’s Picasa or Google Reader. The list goes on and on…

Skype – Being able to Skype over wifi would be amazing, especially if they got the camera to work with video Skype. You could even use the mirror hack for the camera!

Ok, so that’s all I can think of right now, but I know you guys have more. Let’s hear them!

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  1. 1) Ability to view and edit Word and Excel documents (Dataviz for the iPhone)
    2) Flash support – hurry up Adobe
    3) Notes and Tasks/ToDos that sync with OS X and iPhone – Apple has really dropped the ball here

    • 1) Oh yeah, I forgot about word processing! I use Google docs, would be sweet if there was an app for that!

      2) I’ve read many articles where Adobe says they’d love flash for the iPhone but so far Apple hasn’t asked them for it :(

      3) I agree big time, I can’t believe there isn’t a To Do list that comes with the iPhone from Apple that syncs with OS X.

    • I read that Flash is coming to the iPhone. Was on Engadget or Gizmodo.

  2. 1).The ability to use the iPhone as a portable drive….such as a thumb drive, allowing to save and remove files.
    2).Flash support…of course.
    3).The ability to turn on/off sources…allowing faster refresh without having to remove them alltogether.
    4).Video capture…I know there is an app already close….but lets get it finished.
    5).The asbility to play games using the bluetooth against another player…such as Balls, Pool and others like that.

  3. 1. for apple to not be dumb about the whole thing
    ie. making us pay for it
    ie. not letting us install apps they dont want us to

    2. let us get a legit version of installer in the SDK then itll be all official and awesome so firmware updates wont screw it up

    -dont really care about SDK right now..
    its all in apple’s hands…

  4. !. flash support for safari
    2. Bluetooth file transfers for sharing music with other iphones
    3. official IM chat client be it yahoo messenge, msn, ICQ, or .mac

  5. One of this biggest things missing from this “smartphone” has been addressed by Caterpillar, the ability to view upcoming appointments/events on the lock screen. But I think it should be improved upon. Every other smartphone I see has this option. I never open my calendar to view what appointments are happening that day.

    Also, I just don’t understand why the options that Taskbar Notifier adds are not already included in the phone firmware. That’s makes no sense to me.

    I would also like to see a better notes application. Specifically something that you can sync back and forth with your computer (PC and/or Mac). Whether it be the notes app included in Outlook or something such as OneNote.

    Those are the main things that I want. Other things would be nice, but those I think are absolute musts.


  6. wongster says


  7. Caterpillar for free or spps in caterpillar. SMS privacy!!! & real MMS

  8. And a call recorder like Audio Notes for PPC

  9. For me I’d like to see a pocket guitar amp simulator.

    Support video streaming and more video Codec.
    A basic (or not) audio multitrack.
    A video recorder and editor.
    the ability to use a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.
    then to connect to time capsule and RGB monitor,
    and then we’ll have a real Pocket Mac.

  10. mms, aim and basicallly everything else apple left that is available on the cheapest phones

  11. Many of the things mentioned seem like apple updates rater than SDK items.

    Flash support sounds great and all, but think about how that would work.
    Many flash pieces rely on rollover capabilities. Hows that going to work with a touch screen? And how about drag/drop? Flash apps that rely on the keyboard?
    There’s just so many hurdles to overcome interface-wise, much less any of the other rumors I’ve heard about the processor not being able to support it, or the phone not having enough memory.
    I’d expect if flash is supported in any upcoming releases, it’ll be limited or very awkward to use.

    That being said, here are my wishes:
    – Multitouch keyboard (hold shift to make a capital letter, like a real keyboard, not having to tap it first..)
    – Weather icon that updates with the actual temp and graphic that shows the conditions, like the calendar app updates with the actual date

    Things others have mentioned that I second..
    – easily use the phone as an external HD without needing extra software
    – video support (with audio) using sorenson compression.
    – peer-to-peer gaming! yes! (or even peer-to-peer IM without having to use a network)

    • 1.1.3 has the feature now of holding down the shift key and for a capital letter :) Although I’m so used to tapping shift first that I forget it does that. I totally agree with the weather icon updating with the actual temp, this would be so easy, calendar already does this. I also agree with you on flash, really flash video is the only think I think that would work for the iPhone for the same reasons you described.

    • Ah, yes holding shift does work! Glad they figured that one by themselves over at apple! :) Thanks for the tip Douglas

  12. Doug, I believe that Twitter and Flickr both have APIs, so no doubt apps are coming (official or not).

    To respond to the comment about Flash requiring mouseovers or keyboard interaction: the iPhone cannot recreate the PC environment completely. However, Flash would allow simple interaction like we use for video players, or simple animations with no interaction.

  13. All the missing features that other much cheaper phones already have: MMS, Video recording, IM, etc

    Flickr and Flash support.

  14. My Wishes –
    1. Flash support for safari (common how could they miss that in the first place!)
    2. Bluetooth file transfers for sharing music with other phones (most important)
    3. Official IM chat client be it Skype, MSN, etc.
    4. Camara to have video capturing ablity!
    5. SMS App to have forward and delete individual msg capability
    6. MMS Application for the iPhone

    Thats all for now I guess… :-)

  15. iwant office for the iphone specially excell, and gps

  16. I would love sms keyboard in landscape mode!

  17. A.Diamond says

    1. The iPhone NEEDS flash
    2. a proper skype app not a web app
    3.a proper video recorder

  18. Deepsleep says

    The ability to start wifi as soon as i reach my home cell. Think that it would be cool to be able to nominate a bunch of gprs cells as “home” and as soon as i reach those cells wifi wakes up.

  19. nickmattttttt says

    i want to have touch responsive feedback!!! like the voyager… but iphone ish

  20. 1. Video recording!
    2. Bluetooth!

    1+2= Perfect iPhone

  21. FLASH FOR SAFARI! thats all i want!