What Service Do You Use In Brazil?

So guys, I’m currently in Brazil and today we went out looking for a SIM card for my iPhone. The best option we could find was from the provider named “Tim”. It was about $35 USD for 1GB transfer a month. The catch was, I have to have a signature from a Brazilian and they have to have proof of residence so, we’re going to try again tomorrow. I’m just wondering what carriers others use here in Brazil. I’m looking for prepaid with no contract and that has data connection. Give me your thoughts in the comments. Also, I did test a SIM card from “Claro” and it successfully called the store phone but they wouldn’t do it without a 1 year contract. I think all will be ok tomorrow and I’ll let everyone know! My iPhone is unlocked using ZiPhone.

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  1. Man… I live in Brazil.

    About 2 years ago, it was possible to buy a pre-paid chip without any contract or anything. I had 5 chips, 1 for each carrier.

    The problem is (and you might know that in Brazil, there are RICH people and POOR people, there isn’t middle class) the violence. The prisioners started to buy cellphones and buy/sell drugs from the prisons. What the government did (you would think they blocked the signals near prison areas or that they increased the security of prison control)? Well, stupid country, stupid people, stupid laws: now everybody needs to prove they exist to buy a single chip.

    Everything here is opposite to the progress. Very sad.

    • Allan,
      It should be nice if you can find out the carries info. Right now I’m in Tokyo, but next month I’ll be in BraSil, thus, your info will come on time!

    • AceMurdera says

      Hey, I go to Brasil every year, 100% Brasileiro babyy… depends where you are, if youre Rio, go the the center of the city “o centro da cidade”, when you get out of the train you should already see stands, “camelo”. I’m pretty sure its not impossible to get a sim. Good Luck :)


    • There is a middle class! MOST people are middle class (i.e. not the super rich who own nearly everything, nor the 20% very poor).

      Try not to overstate the situation, even if it does give you a warm feeling of superiority.

  2. hi,

    Welcome to Brazil, its a great country with wonderful people ( maybe Allan not ;-) )
    I’m using Claro and it’s working great for me. Anyway I have contract account. I dont have many info about pre-pay chips. Tim is a great company I think that’s can be a good way for you.

    Best regards,

  3. Rafael Barbosa says

    I use Tim. I think is good.

  4. Ask some brazilian maybe in a blackmarket u can find pre-pay sims.

  5. Hi man,

    Here in Brazil you can buy a prepaid SIM on Claro, TIM, Vivo and other ones without the 1 year contract. Don’t look for the allan’s text, because, if he think that all in Brazil are “stupid” he is one of us ’cause he’s living here.

    Good luck!

  6. Yes, I’m stupid.

    BTW, today, my cousin, walking on Av. Angelica in Sao Paulo, talking in his iPhone, had it stolen by a “motoboy”.

    We are the stupid ones, the criminals are the smart ones. Starting with our beloved president.

    I find really curious how so many brazillians are proud of this country. It’s a cancer spreading all over.

    Sorry for the honesty.

    • Allan, in fact I may say that you are NOT stupid at all!! I finally found someone who sees Brazil as it really is. I can not understand why Brazilians are so blind. Brainwashing is very well done by the media! Until people accept and love corruption and crimes without punishment, nothing will ever change. In Brazil money is the law.

  7. Caldeira says

    Guys, welcome

    Trying to put together the information above, by law you have to give your information and address when buying a prepaid. However, it is possible to avoid this, but it will take some time. Try the smaller stores, not official stores. The catch is probably they will not speak English. I am post paid so I not aware of the rates. Where are you. If you are in Sao Paulo and need any help please let me know. Both Tim, Claro and Vivo and Oi are good enough, but depending on the state one will be stronger (or cheaper) than the other

  8. What city? I live in Brasília. If you need something, let me know.

  9. Marcelo França says

    I am From Rio de Janeiro.

    If you need anything, let me know.
    You can ask my phone number through e-mail.

    Marcelo França

  10. Hello There,

    You can buy a TIM pre-paid SIM for R$ 19,00 (aprox. U$ 10).
    Then, you can add credit to your SIM, for example R$ 25,00 at a lot of diferent places;
    After adding credit, you have to dial *222 and then ask for ‘Promoção Natal’. That will give you call at as low as 7c per minute.
    Also, you can buy 40mb of data transfer for R$ 10,00, that’s a good deal.

    Best regards,


  11. If you pass by Campinas, just let me know, and if I can help you with anything, just email-me.

  12. Hi everyone! Quick update: We went to a TIM kiosk in a mall and a girl got me a SIM card for R$ 10,00 but her system kept freezing and we have to go back today to pick it up. I am in the city of Jundiai. I will let everyone know how it goes.

    • Olivetti Herrera says

      Hi Doug,
      I’m a student at Apple iPhone School, you can check there later, just to help you here in Brasil I say the best Edge connection is from “CLARO”… I’ve been using for a year and the connection is fast … “VIVO” and “TIM” still slow… Mail me to keep in touch … you can get my e-mail here or in Apple iPhone School in my registration,….
      Best Regards , Olivetti Herrera
      Enjoy Brasil…..


  13. I will be in Sao Paulo and Rio….for work….anyone here want to help out with getting me a card? beer is on me….

  14. I am in Brazil and I don’t want to get another sim card just get service so I can text on my iphone, but I have not been able to get service–any help? I got service in Mexico and Geneva fine.

  15. I will be in Brazil in November and December. I want to use my iPhone for both data and voice calls, I dont care if I have a new number. (Currently I have an AT&T contract here in the US, but the costs of using the phone in Brazil are prohibitive.) Any thoughts to the best course for me?

  16. I am also a At&t customer in the US and I will be traveling to Rio De Janeiro January 22, 2009. Not sure if the above posts are people with iPhone 3G or the Edge version, but i have a unlocked 3G and want to buy a prepaid sim with unlimited data and voice. As with Jay I don’t want to incur the costs of using an At&t phone abroad. (been there done that and I came back to a $800 phone bill and I barely made any calls !) They said it was all data usage. Anyways, any advice would be greatly appreciated

    • Hey, anyone have any luck getting a prepaid sim card to work for both voice and data for an iPhone 3G?


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  18. Hello, there:

    I am traveling to Brazil this weekend (Manaus) 10.25.09 and I have a AT&T Iphone. As far as I understood the previous msgs , I should be able to get a SIM card in Brazil and use my Iphone for local calls (voice) w/o any problems, right?
    Did anybody find a solution about the voice & data issue?
    You can send me msg em Portugues se necessário.

    Thank you!

  19. ESTOU FAZENDO UMA PERGUNTA! Eu estou nos EUA e quero saber se eu posso usar o Iphone daqui ai bo brasil?

  20. I am going to Brazil this week and it seems like the only way for me to use my iPhone there with out the horrible AT&T prices is if I unblock my iphone. Can anyone tell me what is the best way to do this?

    Thank YOU

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