This is planned to be released in the App Store:

Watch “CrazyKart” from your iPhone or iPod Touch

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  1. Dustin James says

    MarioKart anyone? Except you are going the opposite direction than in Mario Kart…

    Looks good though

  2. Why couldn’t developers create games like that for Installer :(

    • Dustin James says

      I think that is because the games were based off of BSD subsystems unix tools/code…

      where as these new games are all the tools that Apple uses to create the apps for the iPhone. The SDK allows developers to get into the core of the phone basically.

      That is my thought.. but i could be wrong.

    • They do. :D

  3. Apple sucks with its itunes store, i cant buy anithing here in PerĂº.

  4. Looks cool…very promising for future things…:)

  5. cartoon156 says

    If this is free I would be very happy, this game is amazing…
    50/50 chance, though, next to Super Monkey Ball.

  6. crazy hip tuneage going on in this video!


    thats a link to this video on another phone, but bigger/better quality of the game being played.


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