Cheaper iPhones! SOLD OUT

AT&T has recently dropped the price of the 8GB iPhone to $250.00 though, there is a catch (or two), the iPhone is refurbished and requires a two year contract. But, if you always dreamed of having an iPhone and $400 was a little out of your price range…here is another option. It definitely makes the $600 that Doug paid for his 8GB sound a little pricey!! :) Just click on the iPhone below and it will take you right to AT&T’s website. Free Shipping too!

Update: All of the 8GB refurbished iPhones (for $250.00) have been sold out. We put this post out around 8:00pm yesterday and there were still some left as of 1:00am this morning…so, they must have all gone later this morning! Let us know if you were one of the lucky ones who got one!

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  1. a_swellguy says

    what if you go att prepaid is it still 250.00 ?

  2. cartoon156 says

    As long as the iPhone works and I can jailbreak it, I’m cool with a $250 iPhone!
    Does this apply when buying at the Apple Store?

  3. Where do you buy this 250$ iphone….I looked in the apple store and couldn’t find it online. I already have a contract, I wonder if they’ll still sell me one if I already have a contract.

  4. It is through AT&T not Apple. Just click on the iPhone above that Doug added to the post and it will bring you right to it!

  5. it does not bring you to it i cant find it on the site either

  6. cartoon156 says

    They will still be selling more, right?

    • Of course they will still be selling them.. just not at the $250 price tag. Prices of these bad-boys are back up to ~$400.

    • cartoon156 says

      I meant the refurbished ones.

    • Actually…if they get another supply of refurbished ones they should sell them again for $250. We will keep our eyes open for another batch of them…though it could take them awhile to stock-up again.

  7. I work at an At&t store. We offer brand new iPhones for $399 still. In the northeast region we’ve been selling refurbished iPhones for about 3 weeks now at select stores. They did sell for $249 but it is only with limited supply. We also sell $199 4GB iPhones, but again only a very limited supply.

  8. I’m glad I placed my order yesterday. I even got my confirmation email from ATT!

    • SWEET ACTION!!!! That is sooooo exciting!! YAY! You will totally love you new iPhone (especially at that price)!! :)

    • Well, now I just got an email stating it’s on special order, so who knows how long it will take to receive it :(

  9. this makes me sad… now every yahoo will have an iPhone.. the iPhone will soon turn into another beat down cell phone, similar to the RAZR.. I sure hope not!


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