Cheaper iPhones! SOLD OUT

AT&T has recently dropped the price of the 8GB iPhone to $250.00 though, there is a catch (or two), the iPhone is refurbished and requires a two year contract. But, if you always dreamed of having an iPhone and $400 was a little out of your price range…here is another option. It definitely makes the $600 that Doug paid for his 8GB sound a little pricey!! :) Just click on the iPhone below and it will take you right to AT&T’s website. Free Shipping too!

Update: All of the 8GB refurbished iPhones (for $250.00) have been sold out. We put this post out around 8:00pm yesterday and there were still some left as of 1:00am this morning…so, they must have all gone later this morning! Let us know if you were one of the lucky ones who got one!

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  1. a_swellguy says

    what if you go att prepaid is it still 250.00 ?

  2. cartoon156 says

    As long as the iPhone works and I can jailbreak it, I’m cool with a $250 iPhone!
    Does this apply when buying at the Apple Store?

  3. Where do you buy this 250$ iphone….I looked in the apple store and couldn’t find it online. I already have a contract, I wonder if they’ll still sell me one if I already have a contract.

  4. It is through AT&T not Apple. Just click on the iPhone above that Doug added to the post and it will bring you right to it!

  5. it does not bring you to it i cant find it on the site either

  6. cartoon156 says

    They will still be selling more, right?

  7. I work at an At&t store. We offer brand new iPhones for $399 still. In the northeast region we’ve been selling refurbished iPhones for about 3 weeks now at select stores. They did sell for $249 but it is only with limited supply. We also sell $199 4GB iPhones, but again only a very limited supply.

  8. I’m glad I placed my order yesterday. I even got my confirmation email from ATT!

  9. this makes me sad… now every yahoo will have an iPhone.. the iPhone will soon turn into another beat down cell phone, similar to the RAZR.. I sure hope not!


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