Happy Birthday Brooke!

Happy Birthday BrookeBrooke’s Birthday is today! Happy Birthday Brooke! Can anyone guess how old she is today? :)

Happy Birthday Brooke!

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  1. 28?

  2. Happy Birthday Brooke, hope Doug takes you out somewhere for dinner!



  4. Happy Birthday Brooke!!!

  5. she’s 7 years old? happy birthday go niners

    why is it so hard and slow to type on this site with ur iPhone it took me forever to type this

  6. 30?

  7. Wadibasher says

    Happy 25th Brooke!!! Hope you had a great one!!!

  8. well judging by the looks on the pic id say about 26

  9. My vote – 19.


  10. riverlake says

    Brooke is 28. She is 8.

  11. sebastian says

    happy birthday!!! if it would be my day i would wish for a 6th episode ^^:)

  12. 9

  13. I say shes about 7 in tbe pic

  14. 87 :D

  15. I would say 28

  16. Happy Birthday! As long as you feel young, then honestly, who cares about the number. Cheers.

  17. Many happy returns !

  18. hey happy bday Brooke!! i say 29

  19. i agree with DJ

  20. Very Happy Birthday Brooke ;)!!

  21. Congrats Brooke =] I hope ya’ll have many more wonderful years =]> maybee kids? lol

    P.S. my guess is 25

  22. JOHN BUCKLE says

    Happy birthday little Miss Brooke!

    And my twins seem to think you are about 7?

    Have a good day from a family in Hong Kong.

  23. Thank you Douglas for that wonderful picture from back in the day!! I don’t think I am supposed to tell how old I am but, if you are very observant, you saw it in a screenshot in a post not too long ago. I think it was the end of last week.

    PS. Episode 6 is rendering…then all it needs to do is upload…it will definately be up today (sometime this afternoon probably).

    • hey sry in all like i no its ur bday but like wat time is it there here its 10pm i live in kansas city but yea i realy want to watch the 6th episode, lol

    • The computer says that it still has 117 minutes until it is done uploading!! This episode is a little long! We are going to take a look at how we do our podcasts so that it is easier to render, upload and convert the files! It is EXTREMELY time consuming right now! If everyone donated to get us a Mac we might be able to get it up faster!! :)

  24. Happy Birthday…Too you..Happy Birthday…Too you..Happy Birthday…Dear Brooke, Happy Birthday…Too you!!!!


  25. happy birthday Brooeke, I gues she is 8 years old

  26. Happy Birthday, I think Brooke is 17 years old :)

  27. i guess 23.

    happy birthday, brooke!


  28. yeah, i’m having the same problems, but also on other sites, like wikipedia, forums, ans what’s specially difficult is to scroll the page while you’re in ‘typing mode’… also, when it’s tuping slowc be careful to press backspace too fast, cause it’ll probably start deleting more than the let’s say, theee characters you wanted to delete

    • some corrections to my text, also typed from my iPod touch XD
      and what’s specially, not ‘ans’ what’s specially,
      typing slow, not ‘tuping slowc’
      three characters, not theee characters…
      stupid iPod typing

    • my first comment was supposed to be a reply to George’s but apparently it didn’t work…

  29. Happy Birthday Brooke …. I Think You Are turning 28

  30. happy birthday brooke, I’d say you about 25-26??

  31. happy birthday, brooke! :)

  32. Well, Brooke, we could go back and look for that screenshot, but that takes the fun out if the detective work :)

    Since there are 8 Candles on the picture’s cake; and, I am guessing because I can’t quite tell what it is, there is a “My Little Pony” on your shirt (?) that you are not much older than I. Remembering theage I was back when “My Little Pony” was popular, I’d place you at 27 or 28. Then comparing you to the bartender I saw last Friday, I’m going to say 28. The same age as the bartender.

    Am I close?

  33. Happy Birthday Brooke! And my guess is 28.

  34. Happy Birthday Brooke…..
    You can’t be a day over 21….so…Happy 21st….

  35. happy 25th birthday!!!!

  36. Happy BIRHTHDAY!!!!! I guess Brooke is turning…… 24 years old

  37. well with the candles on the cake your 8ish…..

    Joking aside a very happy birthday and enjoy the day… you will be older tomorrow


  38. cassandra says

    alright, now that is enough, doug or brooke tell us the correct age!!!!!


  39. Haha…OK! A few of you got it right. I’m 25. :)

  40. cassandra says


    thanks for ending the suspense.

    so have a good night out you two!


  41. Happy Birthday


  43. Happy Birthday! Mazal Tov!
    How does it feel to be a quarter century old :)
    just kidding Happy birthday :)

  44. Happy Belated Birthday!!!

  45. HAPPY 57th BROOKE!!
    (only kidding! you look 24, tops)
    keep up the good work you two with this site, it’s fabulous.

  46. 28? happy b-day

  47. i Saw The ScreenShot Shes 25.

    Happy birthday hope you have a good one

  48. A very Happy B’day to you & many Happy returns of the day!!!