Live Scores 1.00

Live Scores Live Scores is an app that gives you live scores for games that are in progress. So far, the app includes; Soccer, Tennis, Baseball, Hockey, Basketball and Football (NFL). To get the scores of the games…just tap on the sport you want. It will then download the recent scores…once it is done downloading the scores, tap Close. This will bring you to a list of all the Basketball games and scores….it includes different countries. For example, Basketball has scores for France: LNB, Italy: LEGA A, USA: NBA and USA: MCAA I-A Play Offs. It displays what time the games started or starts, the teams playing and the score. In the upper corner you can select Filter and then Filter it so that is only shows the games in your country. So for Basketball I could filter it to only show USA: NBA and USA: MCAA I-A Play Offs. The data is pulled from It is a pretty simple app that does what it says it is going to do! Maybe in future updates we will see more sports added or the ability to remove/add the sports you want. Live Scores is available through the Polleo Limited source.

Note: This app is called iScores on your SpringBoard.

Live Scores 1.00 Live Scores 1.00 Live Scores 1.00 Live Scores 1.00 Live Scores 1.00 Live Scores 1.00 Live Scores 1.00 Live Scores 1.00

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  1. doesn’t have all the same sports, but the presentation is so much nicer IMO.

  2. dude how did u missed ThemeBuilder today?its an uber-cool app.!!!Got it from BigBoss

  3. This could be a great app for someone like me who bets on pro sports and likes to be kept up to date with the latest scores, however I have allready noticed that not all games are listed. In baseball for example not all games scheduled to be played today are listed. In fact 8 games are not listed. The same can be said for hockey and also basketball. Whats the point of having only half the scheduled games listed? Maybe they will update as they begin but for a betting man it would be nice to have them all listed prior to their start time.

  4. Yeah, I’ve noticed this too. NHL and NCAA games are not all listed for tonight, and the scores are definitely not up to date. Too bad, since this is a must have for any sports fan.

  5. As I mentioned earlier not all the days scheduled games were listed, well they now are. However games that were in progress have now been removed to make room for these others. I was checking the score of the Raptors game as well as the Blue Jays game being a huge Toronto sports fan. I am sad to say they are no longer there to make room for the rest of tonights schedule as well as some of tomorrows games. This really is quite a useless app if it is going to do this while a game is in progress. Same thing has happened to tonights NCAA scores. Hope this gets corrected. This certainly is an app I would pay for.

  6. Thank you all for your comments about the Applications which are more than valuable to us.

    I would like to kindly request you to share your thoughts with us and help us collect all issues and improve the Application.

    Feel free to post your suggestions or problems here:

    Thank you in advance

  7. Hello,

    Version 1.1 has just been released and it’s available for update.

    – Missing US matches issue due to time zone difference has been FIXED
    – Time zone Auto detection has been applied: Now start time for all matches and all events is being displayed based on user’s time zone.

    Thank you