Cracks 1.2

Cracks Cracks is a screen cracking simulation for your iPod/iPhone made by iamcanaian. The point of this application is to scare someone into thinking that they broke the device. Trust me it works! :-) When you launch the application, it will show a screen shot of a 1.1.3/1.1.4 springboard (it even has a few extra pages). Tap on the screen and BOOM!, your iPod/iPhone will look like the screen got cracked really really badly. Then if you tap on it again the screen will start to flicker insanely. According to installer it says that you cannot use the home button, and that the application runs for two minutes, but this is false for this version. You are able to press the home button to exit Cracks, and the application does not stop after two minutes if you just leave it on (you need to tap the HomeButton to get out of it). I love this application, you can have a lot of fun with this! You can get Cracks from the lazyasada source, also check out the screen shots below.

Cracks 1.2 Cracks 1.2 Cracks 1.2 Cracks 1.2 Cracks 1.2

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  1. Looks like a fun app.

  2. version 1.1 doesn’t let you press the home button but the visuals aren’t the best

  3. @john: the visuals arent the best? its supossed to look like a messed up iphone screen, what do you expect?

    also, idont get the point of this app

  4. i dont think this would work on an iphone since the fake springboard is from an ipod touch

    • Yeah…except if the person you handed it to thought they actually broke it by tapping on it…they probably don’t know the difference between the docks! :)

    • JamesFKW says

      I made a version of this that uses a iPhone SB pic and does the whole cracks thing too, its called iCracks you can get it at my source:

      I also made a version that uses a SMS screenshot, called SMSCracks both on my source

  5. Wow, that looks like a great fun app, I’m looking forward to installing it.

  6. Severino Brazil says

    just a tip:

    take a screenshot of your acctual SpringBoard than save 2 new files:


    Replace in the folder:

    It’ll quite funny.

    I loved this app!


  7. i cant find this app…i added the lazyasada source, but it wasnt in the toys folder, or evan all packages. HELP!

  8. Yeah, I can’t find this either after adding the It’d make a great prank!

    • nm, i found it! When you add the lazyasada source, make sure you refresh TWICE. Then look in all packages for Cracks…

  9. I cant seem to find it too!! i have an iPhone 1.1.3 8GB

  10. “Package Download failed” :-(

  11. Da187suspect says

    I’m running 1.1.4, it works perfectly, have fooled tons of people, you had to see the expressions on their faces when they actually believed they messed up my phone, lol.

  12. If you want to make it more realistic, take two screenshots of your current iphone/ipod touch home screen, and save it in two files, [SB.png] [sb2.png] Cap Sensitive! then SSH it into your phone by going to /applications/cracks and overwrite it, BUT i found out that everytime you run the app, then click the home button, and go back to your first page of your home screen and tap it, it enables the app again, forcing you to manually restart your phone.

  13. atrophic says

    If you’re getting package download failed, try installing iCracks from the ComicMac source at

    I don’t know what the difference between the two are, but iCracks is “based on” the one reviewed here.

  14. i downloaded the cracks program and tried do ssh it in. i put it in /applications and when i open it i see the loading screen for about a min and then it crashes. what did i do wrong?

  15. i cant find it at all? its not under toys can it be somewhere else?

  16. i refreshed my sources like 10 times and it still doesn’t show up. What do i do? =[ i have 1.1.4

  17. How come
    doesnt work?

  18. Thanks James, well this app should be in the app store. I showed a lot of people this app and they thought they really broke it. :) I want to have a word with apple.

  19. how could i download this stuffs ? when i enter the source address to installer or cydia , it did not find it !!!