InstaFresh 1.0a

InstaFresh I put off installing this app because I thought that it was an app that would force my sources to refresh every time I opened Installer and that it definitely something I did NOT want. I seriously think there are times when I start refreshing my sources…go and do something, actually forget that I started refreshing my sources and then remember and go back to check and it is just finishing refreshing!!! However, this app ended up being exactly what I was looking for! InstaFresh allows you to set when YOU want your sources to auto-refresh (if ever!).

When you open the app, you will get a list of options. You can choose for the last refresh date to be Set to Today or Set to Yesterday (this will disable today’s auto-refresh that the Installer does itself and allows you to set your own!), you can also have your sources refresh in the background when you exit Installer. You then get seven option of Auto-Refresh intervals; 1 Hour, 2 Hours, 3 Hours, 4 Hours, 8 Hours, 12 Hours, 24 Hours and Never. Remember refresh intervals are based on the last time you refreshed your Installer. So, if you choose the 3 Hour option…it will automatically refresh your sources when you open Installer and you haven’t refreshed the sources in more then three hours. A very cool and highly useful app! InstaFresh is available through the BigBoss source. Screenshots below.

Update: I set the auto-refresh to Never and it auto-refreshed as soon as I open Installer (and I probably refreshed it about 30 minutes ago). So, I’m going to go in a set it again and see what happens.

Update: GRRRRR…I set it as Set to Yesterday and Never and it auto-refreshes every time I open Installer!!

Update: Ok, here is the deal. You have to restart your SpringBoard after you set your settings in InstaFresh (you can use something like Restart, KillBoard or Respring). I should have thought of that the first time…my bad!

InstaFresh 1.0a InstaFresh 1.0a InstaFresh 1.0a InstaFresh 1.0a

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  1. Da187suspect says

    Hi Brooke, I get the same thing. It still auto-refreshes, arghhhh!!!

    What do you have your settings at currently?

    • You have to restart your SpringBoard after you set everything in InstaFresh! Yeah, took me like three tries before I was like…ohhhh, I know what is wrong!

    • Da187suspect says

      ‘Atta girl, thanks. Just tried it, once again, you are correct!

  2. The background refresh sounds cool! Have you tried it yet Brooke?

    • I just tried it and it makes my Installer crash…it opens but then closes again! Too bad…that would have been a cool setting.

  3. cassandra says


    i loved the GRRRRR….update.

    i could actually see you growling at the app.



  4. even when i used respring after i set the settings on my 1.1.3, it still auto refreshes every time!!! any advice???

  5. Anonymous says

    so…. on 1.1.3 i opened instafresh, clicked on yesterday, pressed the home button, ran respring, and but it still refreshed!! Can someone help?

  6. This app has been removed from Big Boss Apps, it states political reasons??? Any other apps similar to this? I hate refreshing!

  7. a workaround would be to set phone to airplane mode then go to installer thn it will do a 5 sec fake refresh n give u the option to disable airplane mode.thn u can download and uninstall apps

  8. So…whats the deal with this app, does it function correctly or should i wait till further updates?