Myspace for the iPhone

Icon Wanna see a work in progress? Here’s a test link. And here’s a video:

And here’s screenshots:
Myspace Newsfeed Myspace Bulletins Myspace Profile Myspace Inbox

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  1. I hate the mobile version of myspace, and I can’t wait till this gets finished. Keep up the hard work!

  2. Brogollack says

    That is what i was talking about!!!!

  3. Nevermind myspace…. where can i get that wallpaper?

  4. cartoon156 says

    It’s too bad right now the MySpace layout is like Facebook. I hope when it comes out that it’s very unique and clean, unlike the REGULAR myspace website… -_-

  5. Myspace sucks anyways.

  6. it is facebook clone.. i hate it..!

  7. I was wondering when SOMEONE was going to come up with something like that… Ever since i saw the facebook up i knew someone had to come up with a MYSPACE app……

  8. yuck, myspace. *shudder*

  9. i want ur wallpaper, can u give me a link?