3G iPhone Within 60 Days

It’s been online for a few days but it seems to be coming from more than one source. But now is seems more believable with sold out iPhones, AT&T CEO saying it and this video from Walt Mossberg (it’s towards the very end):

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  1. I called the apple store in Orlando Florida and they are completely out of iPhones. I just wanted to see if the rumor was true and I guess it is. I think they are doing it so that people won’t get pissed off if they bought a iPhone now and then 3g comes out

  2. If I knew about this I would have never bought my iPhone in late february

  3. I’m glad I waited. This will work with Verizon, right? :-D

    • In case you’re not being sarcastic, no, this will not work with Verizon. The iPhone uses and will continue to use only GMS cellular networks (i.e. AT&T or T-Mobile in the US and pretty much any carrier anywhere else in the world). The iPhone will not be compatible with other network technologies while they have an exclusive agreement with AT&T (4 more years), if ever.

      3G refers to the data network. EDGE, which is what the iPhone currently supports, has speeds that average 75-135 Kbps. 3G is in the 400-700 Kbps range. (numbers as reported by AT&T)

  4. wow, no way did i think he would have made it that obvious in the video, i was there listening out for hints/clues and he’s like “IPHONE WILL HAVE 3G IN 60 DAYS” lol Guess ill have to buy my 3RD iphone…. 8GB – 16GB – 16GB(3G)

  5. If this hasnt other new Features than the normal iPhone than i dont care cause i dont need 3G,i use my iPhone just at Home with Wifi and outside just for Phoning.

    3G is for Business People!

  6. Ok will this do anything for me because i am on t-mobile?
    And will it do anything for AT&T users because i thought they were on a 2.7G???

    Thank you

  7. I’m so pissed I just recently bought my 8GB iPhone a few months ago. Plus, a week later or so after I got it the 16GB iPhone was released. Now, they’re coming out with the 3G one. They should have added new features to it as well, not just the 3G (Then again, I’m not sure if they did or didn’t, but, from reading one of the previous comments, it seems like they didn’t.). Maybe I’ll be able to get it for my birthday this summer, who knows.

    Doug, Brooke, This is the best iPhone site ever; keep it up.

  8. Well im glad i can switch off my BB, been using this for awhile since i parted with my last iphone. i think this will be my 4th

  9. I’m going to wait for the 80 GB version. Until then, I carry my Blackberry and my 80 GB Zune.

    Life is tough – good thing I have more than one pocket.