RemoteNote 1.0.0

RemoteNote Version 1.0.0 of RemoteNote has some nice visual changes. The main screen, when the app opens, is much nicer now…instead of all old school! Also, the web browser has a little bit of a new look. I love that the notes are alternate colors…makes it much easier to read. Another sweet new option is the ability to download your Notes database so you can restore it later. Though, mine usually come back when I re-sync after a restore. RemoteNote is available through the BigBoss source.

RemoteNote 1.0.0 RemoteNote 1.0.0 RemoteNote 1.0.0

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  1. hello.. i download RemoteNote on my iPod Touch but when i open it it says:

    Error opening the database: Failed to open database

    i need help ’cause i want to be able to use it to take notes in classes and stuff.. if you could help me i would appreciate it.. thx :)

  2. do you have created any Notes on your iPhone? If not do this first…


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