iPhone 101 – Episode 7

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  1. File not found

  2. Brooke – have you lost some weight? You looking good!…you too Doug…:-)

    Keep up that wonderful work you do!

  3. hi i think your Video Are Awsome And ive wanted to ask you qeastion do you know if there will be a apple ipod touch school

    • It’s not in our plans…. I can add a section under the forums for iPod Touch specific issues. We add Sahil because he has an iPod Touch.

  4. Working now :)

  5. Well it works for me.

  6. Who’s the girl in the video? I really like her! :D

  7. whats twitter?

    • Twitter.com – “Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?”

  8. Cool great job Doug and Brooke

  9. Well Done Brooke and Doug! Yet another brilliant podcast! I agree with doug that their should be a link on the iPhone site to the full site, that would be great. Also, I’m worried about jailbreaking my 1.1.4 16gb ipod touch on windows xp because I don’t know what to use that will work well. Ziphone? iLiberty?
    If you could help that would be great!

  10. DaN Himself says

    Hey Doug, when iTunes downloaded the podcast, I had to convert the video to play on my iPod Touch.. first time it ever happened.. Any ideias about that?

    • Hmm, our host for the videos should be converting that for you automatically. I will try it when I get home.

    • DaN Himself says

      Okay… I dunno, maybe I’m the only one with this issue, since I have this podcast to autosync with my iPod Touch. (JB 32gb FW1.1.4)
      With all the other episodes I didn’t have any problems… just this one.. I already converted, but it’s isn inside the podcasts, but in the movies section…

  11. do the same thing as break.com does to resize to iphone style vs full style. It is easy. just hit ok or cancel.

    Go to break.com on your iphone to see how its done.

  12. clean shaven looks better on you, imo

  13. Could someone please tell me what a 3G iPhone is? I have no clue what 3G means… i assume that it’s not specificly iPhone vocabulary… but could anyone shed some light/send me to a website to make me understand =]

    Thanks ^_^

    • AdamTReineke says

      3G is a wireless cell phone technology. It is important for the iPhone because offer much faster connections to the internet than the current EDGE network. It should also let us use the iPhone with different wireless service providers (more than just T-Mobile and AT&T).

  14. try getallthe.com for a web app!!!!

  15. is it my screen, or is Doug a lot slimmer these days.

  16. How do you change your location on twitter? no one will tell me

  17. Kudos on the new iphone friendly site! However……. I find it quite disconcerning that your videos aren’t iPhone friendly! Such a simple thing to fix! Make your site complete…. Let’s see everything….. The way we’re supposed to……. On our iPhones !!!!!!

  18. hi Doug, i just wanna ask what case do you use for your iphone?? i look cool, the black color makes it look very nice..

  19. sorry guys no your best episode, i really liked ep 6 even though it was big

  20. poachman says

    when is the next video?

  21. we need episode 8..


  22. test? :-P

  23. WOW! It’s been over a month since your last episode. That’s just sad.

  24. When is it coming out?

  25. when is episode 8 comming??

  26. wen is episod 8 comin