fring This app is real Skype for the iPhone, and more. I am testing this app as I write this and so far I have successfully used Skype over wifi and the call worked perfect! You can get more info at fring is available through the fring source.

You can also twitter from this app, ICQ, MSN, Google Talk, Yahoo & AIM.

Watch fring from your iPhone or iPod Touch

As I’m writing this I’m also getting updates from twitter into fring. When you close fring it warns you it’s running in the background, if you don’t want it to you need to hit the exit button instead of the home button when exiting.

Also sometimes it takes a while for your accounts to subsribe, especially if you have the wrong password, just be patient…

It’s seems that when you’re iPhone locks that the app logs you off. I’ve installed fring on Brooke’s iPhone to make a Skype call but since my iPhone is locked I’m not showing up in the buddy list. UPDATE: not sure why it wasn’t working but we are getting twitter updates when the iPhone is locked, even locked for 5+ minutes. This also effected battery to leave running in background.

I’ve tried to make calls through Skype from iPhone to iPhone but haven’t succeded yet :(

when in skype call, screen does not turn off like in regular call
can’t use speakerphone
doesn’t stay connected when locked (insomnia?)
when making or receiving calls it doesn’t show who the other contact is
voice calls are not supported on edge

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  1. fring is still trying to recieve every buddy I ever added or deleted… Please please please just make it mirror my current list that Adium and MS Messenger see with no problems. Thanks

  2. Fring is working perfectly for now and is a great start for mobile app users. I agree that losing SMS is a hassle but honestly the benefits out-weigh the loss. I have been reading the blog and would like to know how the app works over the Edge network. I have been able to use my skype account without WiFi using chat. I have not tried calling in but that is my next test. I am completely satisfied with the development and look forward to a completely functional app in the future. Thank you for making this possible in the first place. All we need now is to be able to attach an external camera to include video conferencing. I hope someone is working on it.

  3. i install fring it work fine with chat but when iam trying to make acall he give me the following message : voip is not supported by edge what should i do

  4. sorry the message is:voice call is not supported on edge

  5. Mike Nunes says

    Can some break down the pros and cons of the app for iphone 3g?

    I want to be able to have aim, yahoo and msn running in the background and be able to receive a ring or vibration when someone sends me a message is this possible with this app?

    Is the program going to remain free?

    Can someone assist me with these questions, so that when the new jailbreak comes out for 3g i will have a better idea if this app is worth jail breaking my phone.

    Thanks in advance

  6. the upload speed of edge is to slow to let the people on the other ened to hear everything you say

  7. everybody look at this!
    It’s almost here..

    take care

  8. Max Copperhead says

    i have firmware 2.0, will this work on my iphone?
    i tried entering the source into Cydia, i get a repos error! help!

  9. Macopoulos says

    I need it for 2.1 too anybody can help?

  10. Johnson Carl says

    Fring is now available via App Store. And of course for free

  11. its on app store for free now. Dont need to jailbreak.

  12. I really need help with the fring source right now.. Somehow, I couldn’t add fring source into the installer sources. It always says that “please input the valid source URL above to add the source”. I have typed the source correctly but it is still the same. Anyone know how to fix this problem? Thanks!

  13. Any person I call on fring has A HORRIBLE ECHO on their end. It makes it practically unusable. People won’t talk to me because of it. Anyone else having this problem???? I praying icall is better because fring’s echo is awful.

  14. I have added the right source http:\\\iphone.xml
    I have firmware 1.1.4.
    I cannot download fring app (fring pre-release 0.9786), it kept showing “Error package download failed”
    Please help me…..

    • hi hady – i have the same prb

      did you manage to solve yours?

    • I have solved my problem downloading fring app. After asking a person whom is competent in iphone, he helped me to upgrade your iphone firmware to at least ver 2.0 then I downloaded fring app smoothly.

  15. isn’t there any fring source for installer 4.1 or cydia ????? please help, i can’t find Fring anywhere

  16. hi

    can any one help in downloading fring from apple store……… i tried lot in apple store to get fring software…..but its shows 0 result found for ur search……….. plz let me knw how to download……….