Mobile Flickr

Mobile Flickr This is another app that has been a long time coming! But it was worth the wait. It’s simple but it works great. You can view all your Flickr pictures, and of course your friend’s too. There’s search, explore, and best of all, upload photos from the camera roll. You can install via the XK72 Repository. See the video for all the info:

And for the 90 second rundown:


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  1. This could be the best native iPhone app ever.

  2. Firmware 1.1.2 or higher is required and will error on installation if you don’t have at least that.

  3. YES, this is FANTASTIC. Best Flickr app BY FAR. It is so great.

  4. Very good app! Works great on wifi but only sends up to 118kb on edge then shows upload failed error. My camera roll pictures avg. 370kb. Am I the only one this is happening to? Can send thru email but would be nice to send thru app.

  5. very sweet app I would have to say indeed, altough everytime I look at your iphone I love that theme :P so I’m gonna be cheeky and ask which theme is that Douglas?
    I have looked around but cant seem to find it anywhere :(

  6. One word…………AWESOME !!!!!!!!!

  7. Installing Now…can’t wait!

  8. absolutely one of the best apps i’ve gotten for the iphone….even has the ability to turn horizontal and have that itunes like image flip thingy (whatever the name is)…….

    aweseom awesome…I LOVE THIS APP!

    Already has links for “interesting photos” also..that in itself is gold.
    its like this developer actually knew what exactly everyone needed when using a mobile (from web) application..

    LOVE IT!

  9. very nice app !! keep up the updates !! to improve it more !! but .. its already improved !! ;)

    love it man !!

  10. great app…!
    one problem though, in the camera roll it doesn’t show my screenshots, iFlickr does…why?

  11. Nevermind my last comment. I figured out the problem. When typing in the repository name the iPhone insisted on changing /iphone/ to /iPhone/ – seems the repository name is case sensitive.


  12. The Mobile Flickr app has disappeared from Installer which I assume it is because of the Apple app store. however, i can’t upgrade to 2.0 until the jailbreak/unlock is released. Is there a way to buy it for installer?

  13. I just purchased an iPhone and this is the first application I want to install. I can’t figure out how to do it. Can someone give the new guy some help?

  14. Where did this app go. I want it but can’t find.

  15. Looks like the app has disappeared from the repository linked to here. Sad to see it go, as I never had the chance to try it.

  16. Tha app is now called Mobile Fotos and can be bought in the App STore


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