BossPrefs 1.66

BossPrefsThe update to BossPrefs 1.66 does exactly what I was hoping it would do!! It fixes the Phone toggle so that it works with AT&T (contract carriers). I tried it and it works great! Though, there is one small issue but you will have to read about in a few sentences so make sure you read carefully! I am going to quote the Developer for the rest of the update info because he says exactly what I was going to say about the update!

Updated BossPrefs one more time for Phone / Airplane mode toggles.
– Reworked how Airplane Mode and Phone toggles work.
– Phone toggle now uses airplane mode but enables wifi. No longer limited to non-contract carriers.
– Bugfix: Fixed airplane mode still allowed WiFi.

A couple comments on this. In 1.65, the phone toggle would result in “no service” in the taskbar. But on contract carriers such as AT&T it did nothing at all. This version will look like airplane mode is in the taskbar when you use the phone toggle. But the wifi will be active. The wifi will disconnect for a moment and reconnect when you use this toggle. Also, you will get that annoying message about disabling airplane mode when you pull up the web browser. Just say “cancel” and you can then use the web.

So, overall it works great besides the pop-up that you get when you first toggle off the Phone. Other than that, I had no problem with it. BossPrefs is available through the BigBoss source.

BossPrefs 1.66 BossPrefs 1.66

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    • cartoon156 says

      That’s a little creepy…
      Back to topic, I updated this yesterday, and it was pretty cool. Now I can access the Internet without interruption!

  2. Anyone else have an issue with the Bluetooth option? When I turn the “Phone” off, the “Bluetooth” gets turned off inadvertently. It doesn’t really bother anything, its just one of those things. Otherwise, way to go, BossPrefs!

    • the 1.67 update doesn’t fix it, but it is prettier than 1.66, regardless.

    • Pyri: since iphone bluetooth does nothing except “hands free” phone operation, it makes sense (to me) that it would be disabled when phone is off.

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