Logo Design Contest on Flickr

The logo design contest is almost over, but we thought we’d give you a little inspiration! We’re adding logo submissions to a flickr set here. You can also see a slideshow of them below or on the Logo Design Contest page. As of right now, we only have a few of the submissions added, will continue to add them over the next few days. Logo submissions must be in by April 22 at Midnight!

Here’s some of the logos that have been submitted so far:

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  1. I say Aaron S. #1 or Peter N. #1 are my favorites.

    Great job everyone!

  2. I love Adam C #1

  3. Aaron S. #1 is the best by far……i absolutely love it!

  4. James Richards says

    I really dig Kelly K #1. Any chance we could see it in a different color? Awesome contest; I only wish I could draw. :/



    • Hey, Thanks!

      I’ve sent in another one that includes a red apple, more in keeping with the overall theme. The colors of #1 were pulled directly from the AppleiPhoneSchool site. I’m glad you like the design!

  5. i like Kelly K #1 also

  6. i really like “Manuel S. # 8”, it’s a nice colourful cartoon character

  7. I liked “Andy O #1” Best so far :)

  8. WOW some really nice stuff. A lot of “why didn’t I think of that?” ones.

    Good luck everyone.

  9. Hi,

    I think mine isn’t in the collection.


  10. Please dont forget too add mine :D

  11. i prefer Javie S#5, cool

  12. haaaay some qustions to be raised@@@
    how the vote will be going ??
    when will it be started ??
    what is the maximum number of voting for each user ?

    • I sincerely hope that a limit of one vote per user per day will be strictly enforced. Too many online voting mechanisms have fallen prey to scripted voting methods, some of which are VERY difficult to detect.

      Let’s hope that everyone keeps this particular contest civilized!

      There are some amazing submissions so far though, Good Luck Everyone!