More Logo Designs

Hi guys! I have spent the last two hours using Photoshop (which, I must say, is not always cooperative!) to edit, convert and upload more of our Logo Design Contest entries to the Logo Contest’s flickr set. I did a quick calculation and we have around 200 logos submitted so far! Which means Photoshop and I will be spending quite a bit of quality time together! Keep an eye on our flckr page to see the new logo submissions as they are added! Or, you can see a slideshow of them on the Logo Design Contest page.

Note: You have until midnight (CST) on Wednesday, April 23rd Tuesday, April 22nd (that’s tonight) to sumbit your entries. Sorry about the massive typing error!!

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  1. I almost feel bad sending in those submissions now… 200? Yikes!

    Well, here’s hoping it goes quickly for ya; good news is, it’ll all be over soon. :)



  2. you know im unexpreince with photoshop but when i start working with it i see if i can do some icons and stuff but i wont be able to learn this in one day naa ill forget it

  3. Best of luck in both of your endeavors; photoshop/graphics design skills are very helpful.



  4. Pieter DT says

    Happy ‘Photoshop’-ing :)

    I sent my design as well.. but it not yet come up on your flicker…
    I guess it still in a queue… hehe.. 200 submissions? Wow..

    Cheers! :)

  5. No, you really did mean Wednesday the 23rd. Midnight is the first minute of the day, so if Tuesday night is the deadline then that’d be Wednesday’s Midnight…