uShow Registration Open

I have been keeping a close eye on the uShow website since April 20th when they said they were going to reopen the registration. Well…it has finally been reopened!! If you head over to you can Sign Up. You will need to give a username, password, email address and your iPhone Serial Number – which is common practice when signing up for beta apps but they also say it is “used to create a unique certificate to sync your device to uShow┬«.” If you are wondering what uShow is…it is a video recording application that allows you to create, save and share your videos (via email or by uploading them to online video services). It is being developed by drunknbass and it looks like it is going to be super sweet! For more info about uShow, check out their Website. It is a work in progress at the moment but, it gives you the basic info about the app.


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  1. arrghhhh….i’m so excited! finally the iPhone will be complete!

  2. Hello Brooke!!! Well, I also have been following this app for a while now, and it looks like it’s going to be a great one!!! But now that the registration is open again I wish to know if it’s safe to register since I’m afraid to give my Serial #. Thank you!!!

  3. All signed up!

  4. I already sign up, somehow little regret for giving up my serial number.
    Hope nothing bad come to me

  5. I strongly believe that when developers all around the world hide thier serial number it is for a very good resason and im not willing under no cirumstances to give my serial number…i just dont think its worth it!!

    • What he said >_>;

    • I put in a fake S/N
      I got a message:

      Thank you XXXXXXXX, your information has been added to the database. You will receive an email in the next 24-48 hours with additional info.

      I’ll see if it takes.

  6. well if you take a fake SN for registration you will maybe not be able to use the app,
    just like customize 2.0, i tried it out there….

  7. David Patrick says

    Customize 2.0 did the same and its safe in my eyes and its a great product, cant wait for USHOW

    • Correct, Customize does use the serial number and I think some others do too. I’m not sure what they could do with it to harm you… We haven’t heard of any problems with this issues.

    • I know this is slightly off topic, but … Customize 2.0 … works? I had to restore my iPhone and rebreak it when i tried it … Did they fix a lot of things? Seriously, it screwed everything up like … big time! Sorry for posting here, but meh, what the heck. :3 Thanks!

  8. hey guys plz plz plz help me out i messed up my and now it doesnt work so yea plz if you can download it onto rapidshare from sshing into ur iphone i would love it if you give me the link please send me it if you could to


  9. I signed up. I gave my serial number to use Customize 2.0 and I haven’t had any problems.

  10. Based on how long he delayed actually opening registration and releasing any news, I have a feeling it will be weeks before that email is sent to us.

  11. caubetocdaido says

    24-48 hour will send email to you !

  12. Registered.. waiting to see what happens. If anyone gets an email let me know..

  13. Thats cool news Brooke.

    I had registered to this thing ages ago but did not get a mail from them till now. Hovever their website is improved a lot now and I have re-registered. Hope to get a reply…

    Many of you are quarreling about the Serial No. Well, they are just trying to make a database of iPhone users…
    Use a fake SN for registering if you want. Just change your Week No !

  14. Anyone heard anything?

  15. Dr. Riskevich says

    Do i really need this app until the iPhone will be abble to make really good videos using free video recording software….?????

  16. I signed up two days ago and still no email . I’m kicking myself

  17. Where can i find the source for this app?

  18. Brogollack says

    Did u gave your serial number?

  19. I sure did.. I figured I had in order to use the app.. its day 3 and still nothing

  20. Douglas/Brooke, you heard anything?

  21. Hmmmm. Not sure what anyone could do with your S/N. Seems a lot of messing around just to get your details. Not too worried just yet.

  22. Did you gave me serail number?

  23. well its been a week since I registered and they never sent an email..
    so I feel stupid now!

  24. mexigirl1983 says

    10/03/2008 – I can’t register! Help!


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