Community Sources 3.8

The update to Community Sources 3.8 removes the Conceited Software repo from Community Sources. This is because all of Conceited Software’s applications have been moved to the Big Boss source which is already in the Community Sources.

Community Sources 3.8

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  1. I’m not getting a notification for this update. do you if there a delay?

  2. Can someone please tell me how Brooke gets her name to scroll across where the carrier name goes… PLEASE!!!!!!

  3. I have an unlocked I Phone, by installing the 3.8 update, will it re-lock my phone??

  4. when I try to install community sources 3.8 it won’t install it bumps me out of installer and back to my desktop how can I fix this

  5. bob dies says

    hi i have community sources in installer but when i click it i get BAD URL (NULL)
    i know it comes form the bigboss source and i have trouble with other bigboss app so that might be the problem. any help would be really appreciated. btw im on installer 4.0 as of april 4