iPhone Video Recorder test video

There is a new app out called iPhone Video Recorder. You can get it by installing this source: http://www.iphone-recorder.com/install2

So far the video and audio for me are not in sync. Also I can’t send direct to YouTube, Facebook or Flickr although I can manual upload them. Complete review later tonight.

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  1. iChopPryde says

    This is awesome this is wayyyy better the polarbearfarms video app which has no audio and this will hold us off till dnb comes out with his app :D

  2. so it only records 30 secs?

    • ajstarr23 says

      So I was just testing out the email- and I sent one to myself- When I went into my email on the phone, I expected that it would have a link, but that I would not be able to play it. However, to my surprise… I COULD PLAY IT ON MY PHONE!!!! I think that this may be the way to video message from iphone to iphone. Very cool!

    • Yes, it only does 30 seconds on the free version of the app. You can purchase the app for $19.99 and get unlimited (well, just like other video app, unlimited based on how much space you have on your iPhone).

  3. It seems to have messed up my audio for some reason… now my speaker sounds muffled… anyone having the same?

    • I did a small test.
      Once you’ve recorded something with the reorder and play it, the sound settings changed (though nothing visible in the settings that we can do about it) to a lower quality. Once you exit the application, the sound remains in that low quality.
      In order to fix that and get back the original clarity, you either reboot yout iPhone OR just play any song from your iPod or Music roll and you’re back to normal…

  4. Not working. I went to install but keeps kicking back to home screen. I’m on WiFi and never had this issue before. Maybe to many downloads for this app causing issue??

    • It may be that you’re running out of space, try BossTool, but only move fonts & wallpaper.

    • I’m getting the same exact error. i have plenty of space too!

      i tried both folder permissions 755 and 777 and still it kicks me back to the home screen after the “iPhone video recorder loading…” screen.

      please help =(

  5. another uncomplete app that we are being charged for. this is ridiculous, the audio doesn’t even work for me.


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