vWallpaper 0.3

vWallpaper 0.3 Another version of vWallpaper! This developer is on a roll! Now there is the option to choose between wallpapers! This is so sweet. I found 6 that I’d like to share with you! Just SSH in and upload them to /Library/Skrew/Videos/

Download (right click, save as):

UPDATE: I fixed the links. I had .mov on them and they are .mp4 files. You do not need to change the extention once you download them. They will work as .mp4 files. I am working on a site: vwallpapers.com You will be able to download and submit backgrounds.

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  1. Does anyone know the terminal commands to move the screw folder to the largest partition, because the more people make videos for this the less space we will have lol

  2. I have on two occasions now had the same conflict between vWallpaper and Caterpillar from RipDev. vWallpaper works fine and then when Caterpillar is installed I lose all sound. Only a restore fixed this. Anyone else having this issue? Dave?

    Thanks all,


  3. how about the battery time of this app… will it drains the battery really fast??? your exp.? thx

    Dr. TK

    • Battery isn’t too effected unless you forget to put the phone in standby when your done. The auto standby seems to not work when vWallpaper is running.

  4. dj.Francox says

    dont work for me.. to sad :(

  5. If you make your own, how is there a time limit? I put some in that were about 20 seconds and it didn’t work.

  6. The two that come with the app itself don’t work for me. Any solutions?

  7. Has anyone had a problem shutting down your iPhone while running vvWallpaper. Everytime I try and shut off my IPhone the normal way, it just re-boots back into the home screen. The only way I can shut it off is do a Home Button And Shutoff Button reset. Running 1.1.4

    • yes, am on 1.1.3 and have the same problem. cannot just swtich off the phone pressing only the shutoff button.

    • I’m on 1.1.3 and I shut off with no problems… Though I had to do it twice, but the second time iPhone shut off like normal…

  8. theviolator says

    [quote]This developer is on a roll[/quote]

    He means “spring roll” ;)

  9. I was so excited about this app… I managed to install it no problems….. Downloaded some videos and added them through shh…. But it has issues:
    1) Your phlone will never auto lock… not too terrible… but when you are in a hurry ( I am ALLWAYS) you will inevitably forget to lock your phone and if you leave it long enough and dont have much battery left… your shot! Your eventually looking at a dead battery… While I do believe it might take a while… this could be a seriuous consideration.
    2) I use Snapture as my MAIN camera now…. It will NOT work with this app running NOR will the regular camera! I even tried taking a photo through editing a contact… No GO!! No camera function.
    This app has wonderful potential… it is NOT however ready for the phone…..
    I think it would be fantastic if there were a rating system or a ready to use rating … still needs work check back rating system here on this website of yours… if the purpose of the site is to teach and share info GREAT!!! Job well done! Kudos…. however why not save us all some time and test things out n just give us an at a glance orverview to save precious time… I know im not alone when I say id apreceiate it….

    Cant wait to see if this app improves… I had a grass dock installed and the waves crasing on the beach looked amazing in this configuration… even had some swaying grass… it looked so reak… but it isnt functioning properly. The Iphone is a perfect piece of equiptment in that everything works so seemlessly… ( well we knwo what its missing cut and paste … video with audio ect…..) this is just a wrench in the machine at this initial offering… Good luck to the developer in making it work properly!

    Jason Joseph

  10. it work fine for me and it’s really looks amazing, beside the ipod stop playing on home screen, i got another problem too, when i receive calls the ringtone just cannot play or play for a second or two and stop, after the call the video background just freeze, and have to restart it again from the app. anyone else have this problem too?

  11. Hey guys
    im doing move video
    it’s right?
    and but not working

    • I don’t think you can move from partition to partition….I created the new folder and LINKED to it and deleted the original and then re-copied the files to the new folder

  12. Hey,

    This seems excellent and I got this to work on my first try… Guess this app was improved from the time of the first posts…

    I have a common question that has been in the previous posts, but it seems to have never received a response. So here goes once again:

    What effects does this app have on the battery’s life/charge? I would like to know if it’s worth it to keep this app going, or if will be draining the my battery. We’ll, thanks!

  13. This is a battery drainer. It’s been good to turn it on and show it off to my nokia & standard iphone buddies, but left on too long leaves me coming up on the empty side rather quickly. I just turn it on for a few minutes – no longer.

  14. it’ll be nice if you give credit to whoever made the videos u posted on vwallpaper.com

  15. I have videos from windows vista dream scene if you will like them send me and e-mail at ceez11@yahoo.com

  16. Ok forget about sending me and e-mail, this is a link were you can download WINDOWS VISTA DREAM SCENE VIDEOS!! just install them under the folder and read the read me .txt file. This is the link to download the zip file.

  17. This is the link to download the zip file,

  18. Ok forget about sending me and e-mail, this is a link were you can download WINDOWS VISTA DREAM SCENE VIDEOS!! just install them under the folder and read the read me .txt file. This is the link to download the zip file


  19. This app won’t work for me.. I can’t find the directory either? I reinstalled about 3 times It won’t work :(..

  20. avaultz says

    i already tested n it works…

    but got few disadvantages… or may b a bug.

    when u activate vwallpaper ur iphone wont autolock n the background light is ON all the time.. so u have to manually lock ur iphone

    it will also corrupted ur ringtone…. it will only rings once n then went into silence mode… (only vibrates)

    it will also make ur iphone sound bcome much softer..

    lastly this app will make ur iphone abit laggy n delay..

    hope it can b fix all above…

  21. Fsu4423 says

    I downloaded the videos and ssh them into the correct folder Libary/Skew/Videos and they don’t even show up. I can only view the two stock video’s ………. “Fire and Weater”.Mov. I actually deleted the Fire.mov from the folder and it still shows up in the Vwallpaper app. list.

  22. Great app! Truely cool!
    I agree this one is a bit of an occasional use app for the reasons avaultz mentions above.

    Thank you!

  23. hi im having trouble with the ssh when i open it open root file the open library there is no Skrew folder there for the videos. I downloaded a bunch of videos but theres no video folder for me to put them in . Any help will be Appreciated.

  24. i haev an iphone 2g and version 3.1.3 and when i open up vwallpaper and choose a theme i lcick yes i want it then it goesback to the vwallpaper homescreen and it doesent show up the backround it just black