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vWallpaper By request, we have added an RSS feed to vWallpapers.com! If you would like to see new video wallpapers as soon as they are posted, you can subscribe to the RSS feed. Below are three new vWallpapers that were just added. You can get the vWallpaper app through the Skrew source.

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  1. digitalfields says

    Can somebody make some specific instructions on how to get these into our iPhones? I am completely ignorant of SSH and what to do with it (commands and such). Red matrix, waves and lightening look like something I would be interested in having on my phone. Also is there any plan to start adding videos to the installer app?

  2. Go to portableapps.com and download Winscp portable and install in your c: drive, then open Winscp and were it says host name put in the ip adress of your iPhone or iPod touch, on the user name type ROOT and for password type alpine lower case. You will then be conected to the iPhone or iPod touch system founders. For more info search youtube.com on how to use winscp for iPod touch.

  3. I like a lot of the vWallpapers on the site. I really wish that they all finished where they started so that it would look like one continuous loop instead of being able to tell when the video stops and start. Even with that said, I think that whoever made them did a great job.

  4. there is a source you can use at modmyifone

  5. My problem with these videos is that people are rushing to make them, giving little if any thought to the quality, especially the loop points.

    • I agree, we are creating our own video wallpapers now and they do loop correctly. I will be labeling them as made by Apple iPhone School.

  6. My icons disapeared and wouldn’t come back even after several shut down. All I could see was the video only, no tother functions or icons. My regular music videos now have no sound. Can anyone help ?

  7. i have the problem that the wallpaper movie Stops when i start listening Music ! Hope this will be fixed soon !

  8. How do you download these to your desktop on a mac ?
    Ctrl click doesn’t allow save as…

  9. Goit it.. Got it..

  10. William shewfelt says

    Beautiful app works amazingly with the SMB theme “Reveal”, but there are some problems

    First, you can’t go to your home screen when a song is playing and still have the video run which is disappointing

    Also, I am not able to play any videos or video podcasts in my iPod section when I have the app enabled although I am able to watch my videos from MxTube

    Lastly, when I turn my iPhone on, I often have no icons or dock appear on my homescreen except for the status bar and the video playing as my wallpaper. I have to sleep then wake it for my icons and dock to appear

    If doug Brooke or anyone else has a solution to this it would be greatly appreciated

    I guess we have to wait till the next update…

  11. hey guys how do i download these on the vwallpaper site…..i got a mac…what do i press ????thanks alot