Duo – Possible Future App?

Now wouldn’t this be really cool! Totally possible on the iPhone. Besides this video, we cannot find any information about this app. It was tagged iPhone so, it might be assumed we will see it on the iPhone in the future. However, the video below shows the app running on an Android. Let us know if you have any info about it.

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  2. iChopPryde says

    oWOOOW this HAS to come to the iphone sooooo sweet it looks like it was totally desienged for it too!

  3. Looks very cool but you have to have GPS so probably in the new iphone

  4. Has anyone emailed the address at the end? I’ll see if they can get me on the beta list for the iPhone version.. I’ll keep you posted if they respond.

  5. This looks Realy nice!!!!
    Never been into SecondLife or TheSims but this looks realy cool…

  6. Danny Thomson says

    it has to be something or is being worked on. who works that hard to create that video and just let it be something to look at

  7. just when i thought everything had already been done on the iphone…… this looks amazing! someone please track down some more info on it!!!!!

  8. this app is developed for Android, not iPhone.

    see the signal sign on top right?

    • That is correct, this is being displayed on Android but the video is tagged with the keyword iPhone on YouTube. This is why we are looking for more info on this app.

  9. ya, this video seems play the game on Android SDK, hopefully it’ll be ported to iPhone SDK :D.

  10. wow………..

  11. Glorious.Toast says

    This looks startlingly similar to “The iPhone’s First MMORPG, Parallel Kingdoms.” Minus the whole fighting bit that comes with the MMORPG genre. If you want more info on Parallel Kingdoms, you can get it here: http://www.parallelkingdom.com/ I read on http://www.toucharcade.com that it will be ported to iPhone, but I don’t know how true that is.


  1. […] First-and-a-half Life? Down yonder Android way comes a concept that could very easily be done on the iPhone and possibly bring about a rather fascinating new way for social (networking) butterflies to congregate and do … stuff. It’s called Duo, and it bills itself as “an online world. It’s also a social network, a content creation tool, a search engine, a massively multiplayer game service, and a development platform. But it’s not a mash-up! Mashing is messy.” That’s certainly an impressive CV, and it’s rather difficult to describe this mixed reality application and game in a few sentences, so you’re best to check out the video to get a sense of what Duo is all about. Yes it’s only for Android right now, but there’s nothing stopping it from being ported to the iPhone, and although I’m not much into the social networking scene, I can tell that this could be a very interesting new way to bring people together and let them do all sorts of things that have a lot more practicality than they do in purely fantastical worlds like Second Life. And probably with a lot fewer furries. (One can hope.) (via Apple iPhone School) […]