New vWallpapers

vWallpaper There are a few new vWallpapers up on Two of which are mine and Doug’s favorites! I really like bluelines1 by I love how it moves around each icon!! Sooo sweet. And Doug totally loves the Mario vWallpaper. It is so funny, every fives minutes he is like, Look At This!, and shows me the Mario video wallpaper!!! It is only cool like the first 100 times you see it! Unless you are addicted to it like Doug! :)

Click HERE for info about the vWallpaper app.


Note: The Mario vWallpaper wouldn’t upload correctly so we had to use YouTube. The preview is stretched but the original file is the correct resolution so it will look normal when you add it to your iPhone.

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  1. Hey.. ive got some more wallpapers here..check them out and email me i you want more

  2. How are you guys even saving the moving wallpapers to your phone? That would be really cool. Please do help!

  3. MaverickC17 says

    Do have to create the folders? I don’t see the path…

  4. I’m having trouble with this app…I set a video wallpaper, but my background stays black! The same goes fr summerboard a well, actually. I’m running 1.1.4, in case this matters.

  5. All you have to do is to turn off themed wallpaper and wallpaper in summerboard then run vwallpapers. I am on 1.1.4 with no problems

  6. how do you install vwallpaper the program its self. i got it off of cydia but it doesnt work

  7. plase please someone give me the source for the bluelines wallpaper video above?

  8. The website did not work