iPhoneSlide.com is a website that allows you to upload images from your iPhone to flickr, Twitter and WordPress all at the same time. It is perfect for quick blogging! How it works is, you choose an image on your iPhone and email it to post@iphoneslide.com. If you are using this process to blog, the subject of the email will be the Title of the post and whatever you write in the body of the email will be the content of the post. It includes everything in the body of the email in the post. So, you will want to remove things like your email signature or it will show up in your post. After you send the email, you will then get back a confirmation email which will contain a link (the confirmation emails are almost instantaneous – 10 seconds max). You can then click on the link and it will open a browser with that image. From here you can check where you would like the image to upload…just check the box next to Twitter, flickr or WordPress. Then select Upload Now.

The first time you upload an image you will have to sign into all of your accounts (Titter, flickr and WordPress) however, it will do it automatically in the future. Once you have signed into an account, it will automatically publish the image. If you upload the image to WordPress is will automatically publish it as a post (with the set-up mentioned above). It does add a little posted by iPhoneSlide.com link at the bottom of the post but, that is expected. If you upload the image to Twitter is will tweet whatever you wrote in the subject of the email and a link to the photo. It doesn’t do anything with what you wrote in the body of the email…it just leaves it off. If you upload the image to flickr it will put whatever you write in the subject of the email as the Title of the image in flickr. It will also add (iPhoneSlide) to the end of the title. It does not put what you wrote in the body of the email anywhere. It would be cool if it added what you wrote in the body of the email as the description of the image on flickr! I had absolutely no issues with this process. It worked great. The only option that I would still like to see is Facebook as an option of where the image can be uploaded too! Then it would be complete.

iPhoneSlide.com iPhoneSlide.com iPhoneSlide.com iPhoneSlide.com iPhoneSlide.com iPhoneSlide.com

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  2. Hi, whats the difference between Reboot, Refresh, Respring and Restart? Thanks, fuser

    • Reboot means to completely turn off your iPhone. So, holding the top lock button until you get the Slide to Power Off prompt.

      Respring and Restart…there is a slight different between the two but, the basic idea is that you need to respring your SpringBoard and not turn your iPhone completely off. After you install an app or change something in SummerBoard, your SpringBoard resprings. You can also install an app that will respring your SpringBoard like Restart, KillBoard or Restart.

      Refresh is more of a Internet term like refreshing your browser. However, if someone is talking about it in reference to the iPhone, they usually mean respring.