New vWallpapers Added

vWallpaperWe have added 13 new vWallpapers on Check them out! Below are three of the new vWallpapers.

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  1. I wish someone would make a Light Speed (Like in Star Wars) wallpaper.

  2. Jollyblue says

    hmm… i have a problem viewing your webpage on edge. i get a popup that says “Safari cannot open page too many directs occured.”

  3. I’ve been trying to download vWallpaper 0.6 via installer since yesterday but keep getting “Package download failed!”. Have no issue to download other apps. Anyone has similar problem? Please help as I cant wait to have vWallpaper on my iphone. Thanks.

  4. i can download 0.6 without problem, but 0.7 gives me “Package download failed!”

    • Refresh your sources. Skrew fixed it and you also have to download an application called SkrewCommon which should be in Recent Packages.

    • Refreshed my sources. Downloaded SkrewCommon successfully. But still getting same problem of “Package download failed” when downloading vWallpaper 0.7 Could it be due to server busy due to its popularity?

    • thanks… but have installed SkewCommon 1.0, but still doesn’t work…

  5. now it works again…

  6. Oops, these are ugly ><

    • Hey…someone took the time to make all those!! Though, I will say that Doug has some really cool vwallpapers from people that he still needs to upload. So, maybe you will like some of them!

  7. Nedsta!! says

    How do i add new vids in?

  8. Nedsta!! says

    how do i add new videos

  9. Hey, does anyone know what’s going on with skrew common? Once you download the app vWallpaper and Ringtones work but, the original ringtones do not. You can’t hear anything when you get a call! Does anyone know how to fix this?