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M.ebuddy.com is an online mobile instant messenger for mobile devices. Ebuddy mobile supports the following clients: MSN, AIM, Yahoo, and Google Talk. You also have an option of making an ebuddy account which allows you to log into multiple accounts. An example is logging into AIM and Yahoo at the same time. When you log in you will see all your friends listed straight down. Every time you want to IM a buddy, or even use a simile, the page has to refresh. So basically, it is not instantaneous since it has to refresh. I do not think ebuddy mobile should be used because the iPhone is far more capable of more powerful instant messenger clients. I HIGHLY recommend meebo.com because it is nice looking, fast, uses iPhone capabilities, and it saves your conversations.

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  1. meebo is much better…try iy

  2. +1 for Meebo, more user friendly.

  3. JiveTalk is way muuuuch better that almost all iphone mobile messengers. I’ve tried a lot (i can’t say that all but i think almost all) and the best is JiveTalk by BeeJive. Check it out: http://talk54.beejive.com/ajax/

  4. I like Beejive it even has a iPhone/iPod Touch interface really cool.


  5. Try http://iphone.beejive.com

    much better than meebo :P

  6. I’ll stay with meebo or mobilechat :P

  7. atrophic says

    What about Apollo, a native IM app for the iPhone?

  8. After trying a few of these, I must say I still prefer beejive!

  9. turtletomm says

    fring is also very cool for instant message

  10. ebuddy better than meebo


  1. […] eBuddy Mobile Entering the increasingly crowded niche of multi-messengers is eBuddy Mobile. This is a multi-client supporting MSN, AIM, Yahoo, and Google Talk. Although you can use any one of these freely online, you must create an eBuddy account if you want to be logged into multiple messengers at the same time. (That part is still free, just a bit more of a pain.) Why should you use it? Well, that seems to be the ten-dollar question. Reports are that it’s rather sluggish and doesn’t employ a dynamic AJAX-type interface, so everything you do through eBuddy requires a page refresh. If you’re on a slow connection, this can be rather frustrating. Might we suggest Meebo instead? (via Apple iPhone School) […]

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