AppleiPhoneSchool has a New Employee!

AiS We are really excited to have another addition to the team! Yesterday we hired Adam as a programer for the site. Doug has already put him to work with a ton of projects!! You will start to see some of his projects implemented very soon. His talents will make the site function smoother, give it some great new features and also help make my job more efficient! YAY! You will not see posts from Adam (all his work is behind the scenes) so, make sure to welcome him to AppleiPhoneSchool in the comments of this post! Enjoy!

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  1. what exactly does adam contribute to making the site better? won’t that decrease your profits from the site? l mean do you really make a lot from your simple advertisements and google adwords integration.

    • Maybe Tom should work for Doug and Brooke. He seems to know what’s best for everyone. Welcome Adam, Nice to see them get some help on the best iphone site on the net.

    • anonymous says

      maybe brooke and doug should work for tom because tom knows everything

  2. Adam Reineke says

    It is a pleasure to be working with Doug and Brooke on Apple iPhone School. I’m really excited to help make some of Doug’s visions for this site a reality.

  3. welcome Adam :)

  4. yay for adam!

  5. maybe he can fix the fact that my bookmark in firefox does not have the new logo

    • Adam Reineke says

      Try deleting the bookmark, come back to the site (let it fully load) and then re-add it. Should fix it. :-)

  6. Hi! :( WELCOME… :)

  7. Antonio Max says

    Hey Adam! Welcome!!!

  8. Welcome Adam!

    @Brooke You should add Adam to the about page.

  9. cassandra says



    could you tell me how do i add a photo to my posts here?



  10. Welcome Adam,

    from Brazil. =)

  11. Good luck !

  12. Adam Reineke says

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys!

  13. Welcome Adam! I think you’ve come to an amazing team here with Doug & Brooke. I don’t know them personally, but based on this site, they seem like amazing people to work with :-D

    Again, welcome. I hope this job brings you many blessings!

  14. Hi, Adam! Welcome! I llove this site and it’s getting better all the time…
    (from Brazil too)

  15. Welcome Adam, do a good job ! =)

  16. Welcome Adam i hope you make some more and best 3D GAMES for the iphone and ipod touch….

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