iPhone Tutorial From a Two-Year-Old

We were just sent a link to this video and I couldn’t help but post it!! Who says the iPhone isn’t easy-to-use!

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  1. should I be able to watch this from my iPhone? I can’t ever watch the videos on this
    from my phone.

    • atrophic says

      It takes awhile for youtube to convert new movies to the format that works on the iPhone. Bookmark it and come back in a couple days I guess :/

    • Use tranmprgify from ispazio safari tools or plugins, whatever

  2. AWESOME!!!!!!!

    Even a 2 year old can do it!


  3. This is pretty cool! My 2 year old uses mine all the time. He doesn’t do it as good as this kid but pretty good. He watches movies and looks at pictures. It is amazing to watch him pick a movie and then turn it down if it is too loud. I don’t want him to learn how to call just yet! :) Good job Apple with this great interface!

  4. Monique says

    My son also does the same thing. He loves playing with the sketch program and listens to music and some games. He is also 2 yrs old and is better than my mother and using anything with buttons including a computer!!!!

  5. i wake up and i see a 2yr old playing with a iphone this day couldn’t get any better then that . lol

  6. haha pretty impressive seen as how there are so many people out there that are like “oh iphone’s are wayyy too complicated for me” and “what? no manual? how do i know how to use it” haha

  7. hey i think this guy forced his little girl learn that stuff lol cute video tho

  8. Torsten says

    hey, cute girl, good music, great video, nice job :)
    which song is that?

  9. Fartman says

    Kodachrome by Paul Simon.

  10. Torsten says

    Cool, thanks a lot.


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