iPhone Video Recorder 1.2.0

iPhone Video Recorder There is a new feature in the iPhone Video Recording app that is an awesome concept, uploading video direct to YouTube. I call it a concept because the quality is just not there yet for me to use it regularly. The quality of the original recording isn’t that great and then rendered by YouTube it’s even worse. Here are a couple videos I shot of the process with a Flip Video. Then there’s the actual video I uploaded from the app. You will see the difference :(

Source: http://www.iphonevideorecorder.com/install/

See my YouTube page for a few more tests.

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  1. the quality isn’t bad… it’s a phone, not a camera >_< lol

  2. yeah.. it really is pretty good…

  3. I also thought the quality was pretty good. Is the problem with the sound and video not being in sync fixed? I couldn’t really tell.

  4. quality is great…

  5. brando88 says

    hey have you seen uShow? it has been planned (and is going to be :P) a social video uploader as well a leet vid recorder! check it out…


  6. i think it’s superb… better than uShow that never shows!

  7. I am using the purchased version of the app, so can I just upgrade the app?

    Btw, has the black border on top problem fixed ?

  8. did u compare its quality with showtime ?

  9. Macopoulos says

    The thing is.. i love this app but i’m a bit afraid of the website.. i was “that” close to buy it.. but i didn’t cause of the site..

    please tell me.. is it safe?

    • Macopoulos says

      I’ve uninstalled the app that i had installed from the iphone-recorder source not the one above and now added the source above and i can’t installed.. it says download failed..!!!

      What now..

      p.s. plus is still says version 1 not 2.. where to find version 2?

    • The repository source for version 1.2.0 is: http://www.iphone-recorder.com/install2

    • It’s version 1.2.0, not 2.

      @ Macopoulos: I think it’s safe… Other people have bought it too.
      But.. Why should you buy it? Maybe it doesn’t work in firmware 2.0 anymore, or a better app comes out in the app store.

  10. The above source didn’t work for me. It gives me a “Package Download Failed!” message. Also this source contains an old version.

    You should use the following source:


    btw: I think the quality is great!

  11. Hi there, where I can find the keyboard of the iphone that I saw on the video?? Thank you so much

  12. great app

  13. HoneyHunter says

    mine is unlimited because it was hacked. it was free and no black like on top =P

  14. My issue is that i get a humming and buzzing noise, and no sound at all with the app anyone know what is the cause of this ??

  15. I also have the buzzing sound… like white noise or static… and its affected my VNotes app… any amr file I play is just static…. It only happened after installing this app, uninstalling doesn’t fix things btw… am I the only one or anyone else getting this as well?

  16. fark2345 says

    hey can anybody tell me where can i get tht type of keyboard?
    plssss? been looking for it for ages.

  17. thanks

  18. john smith says

    What type of case is this? I liked it. Where can i buy it?

  19. Macopoulos says

    Anybody can tar.gz or zip this app from inside your iphones to preserve the permissions and upload it someplace so i can download it.. i’ve got problems with the darn source.. i just cant download the thing!

    Thank you

    p.s. preferred the 1.2.0 version not the newest! thank you again!

  20. i have this installed and paid for the unlimited recording, but ive ran in to some issues, i cant upload video’s to youtube and i cant send videos to any email address of video longer then 2 or 3 min. phone just reboots its self. and with the youtube issue yes i have a google account and youtube account with same email address, ive emailed the company many of times they dont seem to care about there customers, never replyed to my emails so if anyone can help that would be great.

  21. what am i doing wrong? i tried uploading to youtube using both my google and my youtube credentials. my account is linked between them…i only get uploading failed errors.


  22. ok…looks like it worked using

    a google account including @gmail.com

    title and description must be filled.


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