AT&T, Starbucks and the iPhone

Yesterday, Doug and I were getting our normal Starbucks fix (Venti Java Chip Frappuccino) when we decided to ask the nice barista about AT&T WiFi. She informed us that they still did not have AT&T WiFi. However, just before we left the parking lot, I decided to take a look anyway. I was surprised to find that in my WiFi Network options, attwifi was listed. This made me slightly curious because this particular Starbucks has not had AT&T WiFi in the past. So, I decided to give it a shot. When I opened a web browser I was greeted with a User Login screen. Doug tried all relevant options that we could think of to as what the User Id and Password could be. To no avail. So, he decided to check out the website. No information there either. However, there was a phone number. But, after about 30 seconds it was easy to see that the automated system was not going to be of any help either. Doug, being as persistent as he is, decided to go across the street and talk to the guys (and gals) at the AT&T store. After a few phone calls to another store it was determined that the AT&T WiFi would not be active for another two weeks or so (at least that is what they said). However, after the many rumors about AT&T and Starbucks on again off again relationship…I guess we will just have to wait and see!! I personally am hoping they get the kinks worked out and all iPhone owners get free WiFi! That would just be really cool!

AT&T, Starbucks and the iPhone AT&T, Starbucks and the iPhone attstarbuckswifi3

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  1. cool_guy says

    I’m just curious…. Are you guys have jobs too? If yes, how do you have time managing this site? It seems to me that lots of your time are spent for the iphones!

  2. I noticed this exact same thing on my iPod touch at Starbucks… I saw 1st noticed it 2 weeks ago here in NH at the Nashua mall Starbucks =]>

  3. *UserID and Pass: This is for AT&T customers that have internet at home (only for packages Pro and Elite). They are given free Wi-Fi access with their current login and pass that the customer uses to login into connect to the internet or for their email address. This is why under Service Provider there are all the different “@” addresses.

    AT&T recently signed an agreement with Starbucks nationwide to replace T-Mobile as there Wi-Fi provider.*Note:T-Mobile HotSpot customers will still be able to login to the Wi-Fi through the HotSpot website. This however may only be for a limited time!

    If your a not a AT&T or T-Mobile customer for internet, AT&T will be selling various packages to allow access to AT&T Wi-Fi. Packages may range from a couple of hours – all day access.

    Any questions??? Just Ask Me. I *may* happen to work for AT&T! :-D

  4. but if you are already a AT&T custumer, what you have to do to login?

    • It’s either your Login and Password for your email, or what you use for your computer to connect to the internet. Usually this was first set up when you set up your modem. If your not sure what it is, give customer service a call and they can help you out.