Sprint Instinct vs. Apple iPhone

Sprint is supposedly spending $100 million on advertising their new Instinct to compare it to the iPhone. What I’m gonna do is post the commercials here, list their points and I’d like to hear from everyone on your thoughts. I say the 3G iPhone will be better. I also haven’t read anything on if the Instinct allows for 3rd party apps.

– 3G
– Live TV
– Video
– Music downloads when away from wifi

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  1. How do you get the funky videos? I had to resort to youtube at http://tinyurl.com/57862c ;(

  2. im very curious about if the instinct will have 3rd party apps, but i will say, and alot of you may hate me, even tho i love my iphone, some of it was very funny, and it kinda did kick its but in some areas.

    • I have to agree with you, Danny. I love my iPhone, but these commercials were pretty funny. I know with June 6 around the corner there won’t be any competition against the iPhone.

    • instinct is using java as an operating application. My guess is it will support 3rd party application using java, its free language any way. I read about it some where but couldn’t recall it. I will post it as soon as I get the link..

  3. I think its great!!! but do you know if you can run it in other carriers?

  4. samsung instinct school?lol nothing more to say

  5. these commercials really kick the iphone good. Hopefully the 3g will improve on all of these fronts.

  6. Although they severely pissed me off, they’ve got some valid points, which it kills me to say…

    Maybe they should … ya’kno… compare video resolutions, or storage capacity? I’d bet everything LOOKS better on the iPhone because of screen size alone, forgetting resolution…

    Also, with the loading times … I watched that one a few times really close and noticed… the page looks like crap on the Instinct. It loads slower on the iPhone because it can handle more at a time and the resolution is more crisp…

    Please tell me I’m not the only one who has noticed these things … lol.

    • I think that the music downloading via EDGE is a point… but on the other hand I think it has a lot to do with bandwith. Anyone?

  7. Oh give me a break! It’s idiotic for all these companies to compare their products to the iPhone. Where were they twelve months ago?? ANSWER: They weren’t even conceived yet! A year in technology is HUGE. If Apple hadn’t come out with their product first, nobody would even be here debating this. I mean, hello?? Enough with the “nyeh, nyeh” already.
    (Hi Doug & Brooke! :)

    • actually, HTC came out with these features but it was using windows mobile, which is slow. you can do everything on HTC pda’s but it’s slow with windows mobile. That sucks..

  8. First of all….the style of the phone itself is ugly…i have used that phone for my company and believe me is way harder to use than the iphone……
    also APPLE IS APPLE….samsung is Korean…..So what kind of quality do you guys expect….those ads are just like the one in USA about why do you buy a Jaguar when for 30k less you could get the same luxury in a hyundai by the way Korean…….

    NO WAY….I LL PREFER MY 1st Generation iPhone…..

    • WideAwake says

      How can you honestly say you have used the Instinct??… The phone isn’t even out yet, it’s the first of it’s kind. You lose all credibility with that comment!

      As for the Instinct vs Iphone, I have several co-workers who have or had the Iphone, they aren’t too happy with it some have returned it others are thinking about it. This new Iphone coming out will only be 3G-Edge not 3G-HSDPA running basically the same OS as the 1st Iphone, so it will still be much slower than Sprints Rev-A. Last I heard 3G-Edge won’t even be available until late year to early 2009.

      That is why the Instinct is very-very appealing, by the time 3G-Edge is even rolled out the Instinct will be running on Rev-B which has an average download of 3Mbps.

      Lastly, apparently there is a switch to turn off 3G (when it becomes available) in the OS on the next Iphone because test have shown the battery life is cut in-half on the new Iphone.

  9. eFoobar makes a valid point, its been almost a year, the simplest thing to do is take something and tweak it and make it better, but to be an innovater and bring something completely new to the world is what makes apple, Apple. Now everybody just jumps on the iphone bandwagon and introduce their touch screens and gps and all these other add-ons, but no matter what they will always be one step behind in style. When someone comes out with something original and that isnt based off the iphone concept, then ill give credit where credits due, but all these phone are just all tweaked versions of the iphone… nothing more.

    • what this guy said!!!!!!

    • Christian Jensen says

      Right on , dude !

    • i totally agree. Apple has been developing the iPhone at least a year before it was released so that would make it 2 years it has on the “Instinct”. Moreover, 2 main things that make the iPhone experience great…

      – Apple OS X for its user friendliness and stability.
      – Apple’s great industrial design team for its great looks.

      I mean, c’mon have you seen how the Instinct and other so-called iPhone killers look like?

      As for video, I wouldn’t be surprised is iPhone 2.0 will have video chat on top of a video recorder.

  10. What makes me laugh is when i see the words “iPhone beater” or “iPhone killer” because all the phones nowadays seem to be compared to it. What makes me laugh even harder is when publishers go as far to say “10 reasons why I won’t be getting the iPhone”.

    I mean seriously there is a huge community behind the iPhone (this site included) which is what makes it so popular. Sites designed for the iPhone, developers making apps all the time etc just make the iPhone so wantable.

  11. 3G – Well, if there is an iPhone 2.0 coming soon this is irrelevant

    Live TV – Orb already works on iPhone if you’re on a PC. Plus for Mac users, EyeTV streams video to the iPhone via Safari already… And we know that AT&T has a TV service now too (but will iPhone support it?)

    GPS – Um, in my experience, the center of that “huge circle” on the iPhone is usually where you are, give or take a few yards

    Video – if 3rd parties can do this on a jailbroken 1.0 phone, this is probably going to be for real from Apple soon

    “Music downloads when away from wifi” is irrelevant if the iPhone goes 3G. Plus the Sprint Music Store… is there one?

    I’ve had the chance to actually play around with the Instinct. The UI is kinda clunky and I find the haptic feedback to be annoying. That said, I think Sprint users will like it. But I’ll keep my iPhone (until I sell it to buy a 3G iPhone).

    • Forgot to add that Live TV on the Instinct costs an extra $9.95/month (unless you do an Everything plan).

    • WideAwake says

      To my understanding ORB will work on the Instinct so will Sling, I have Sprint Music store it is great, I can fit 2000 songs on a 2G microsd card. As for Live TV, you don’t need an everything plan to avoid $9.95, I don’t have the everything plan, in my plan I get Live TV included along with free MMS, free Txt and free GPS powered by Telenav.

  12. Steve Jobs says

    I think Sprint’s tagline should be: “Watch the Instinct repeat the iPhone.”

  13. This new phone seems impressive I concede… Previously mentioned points are also valid; no real innovation, feature loading, third party apps not likely, etc… But i doubt it is as integrated and easy to use as an iphone. Does it sync contacts, calenders, and music seamlessly from your computer? is web browsing as intuitive as an iphone. IS THE BATTERY LIFE practical? I’ll wait for the 2nd generation iPhone.

  14. I dunno.. I might buy both and make a judgement then. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with a little competition. I mean, the winner will be the end user (us) since they have to please the customer in the end.

  15. what a bunch of crap! the 3g iPhone will be better! SPRINT IS TRYING TO SAVE THEIR BUTTS, to avoid being rated the worst mobile carrier, year after year, this waste of money might just put you down in a larger hole, with NEVER a way out! HOW HELPLESS!

  16. Even if it’s better you have to deal with the outrageously HORRIBLE customer service of Sprint. I was with them for a few years and have had a very bad experience. In other words, I’m sure it will be great as long as nothing goes wrong with the phone.

  17. This will only be an iPhone-Killer for those users on the Sprint network. It was my understanding of Sprint phones is that they don’t use sim cards.

  18. instinct vs iphone
    -iphone bigger screen
    -iphone better user interface (moving icons around and easy to find apps)
    -iphone better graphics for real video games
    -iphone does have video its just not a factory setting..
    now we need 3g

  19. X and oh says

    lol this must be a joke,creating a phone that is obviously a copy of the iphone with the same menu style(just a little bit worse) and then call it the iPhone killer…

  20. Everyone try to made better COPY of iPhone! Samsung is just ordinary mobile phone. iPhone is the small Mac computer inside your pocket :)

  21. plain and simple. iphone has 16gb built in, instinct has 2gb std, expandable up to 8 which means fronting the cash for an expensive media card that is only half as big and ooh yeah, guess who copied visual voicemail… the instinct, what do you know

  22. Lol i think the instinct isnt no were near killing the iphone I mean i can download music and movies/videos out of wifi now using the safari plugin then transfer them to my ipod app by using mnplight. plus when the new iphone comes out it will have 32gig, 3g, video recording, gps and a continous line of new apps being made for the phone. The iphone can also watch live tv being streamed from your computer out of wifi using orb.

  23. The video’s do not load in Firefox. I had to use IE (ewwww!!!)

    • The GPS and G3 is coming, so non-wifi download should be enabled and surfing will be faster. I assume the TV is just streamed video, and once again, G3 will solve that problem.

      Current video is hideous! Look at that earthquake video. With only 1/3 of the frame being updated at a time, it looks really bad. I hope the new phone can handle the hole CCD being updated each frame, and not just 1/3. Otherwise it’ll just be a useless as the current video.

      So, only 1 of their points is valid. I’ve not heard anything to say the video capture will be improved.And yeah, Apple needs to enable stereo music over Bluetooth, add video messages (not that I will use them), and video forwarding into the native SMS app.

  24. Apple made a great poit in swiching to Intel processor by using the prformance per watt figure. Now I wanter why they didn’t use that trick to promote the iPhone?
    Think about it! “Locate Me” times per battery or websites leaded per battery. I bet the iPhone still beets Samsung Sprint if you looked it that way.
    As far as the missing iPhone features. We have all seen them in our Jailbroken iPhones…so
    I just think if the 3G iPhone rolls out before the Sprint, and they start airing those commercials on TV….I am going to have such a nice laugh

  25. The 3g iphone will be better. Apple wont release something if its not the best.

  26. Ofcourse they are going to show what their phone can do over the iphone. Thats a given. It’ll probably be a flop like some other phones that were supposed to be iphone killers. Remember the Voyager. No, not me either.

  27. Phil, Washington, DC says

    I am sticking with the American made company..Apple. Everything else I own is made elsewhere. That’s me. Sprint service is inferior to AT&T. When Verizon stops being nimwits then I will buy a new iPhone that will have the capability to use Verizon. Verizon has superior service and are looking to go Nationwide with a sort of Wi-fi service with other companies a couple of years from now. Then I will have a super iPhone, Jailbroken of course…lol.

    Remember all of the other companies laughing at the Apple iPhone last year, Sprint was one of them. 5.4 million owners later and 30% of the cell phone market, others are “copying” not reproducing the orginial.

    • WideAwake says

      You probably don’t know that the semiconductor in the Iphone is made by Samsung, I bet most of the components in the Iphone are foreign made. Apple is just a brand, that’ s all!

      How is Sprints service inferior to ATT? Last I checked Sprint has had 3G for several years and have been running Rev-A for over a year. Not to mention that Sprint has more hi-speed coverage than ATT.

      That wifi service from Verizon you speak of is LTE, back-haul testing won’t begin for at least 2 years, Sprint’s Wimax has passed all test so far and will be in all metropolitan markets within the next few years.

    • Phil, Washington, DC says

      WideAwake – cool..I see your angle. But last time I checked Apple is a “brand” but an American one. Thanks.

  28. i am sure it’s all marketing , apple can and will come up with something to reverse that effect soon

  29. Do they even realize the power of a UNIX based Mac OSX?? Do they know its potential? Wonder how many 3rd party apps they would have with their inferior OS. They can give onboard features, but the future is bleak for them.
    So Operating System (The most essential part of a phone)
    iPhone PWNS Sprint

    \m/ lol.

  30. Aussiephone says

    Imitation is the greatest form of flattery. As for these “wana beez”, they’ve never had an original thought in their lives. Come June, the 1st Gen iPhone will be 2 years old. Come June, we’ll have a 2nd Gen iPhone. Apple have pioneered in new technology for over 20 years, and everything they do is pushing technology to the next level. The rest can’t even dream of anything innovative. The one mistake Apple made was locking the iPhone to one carrier. Me thinks they won’t be doing that again.

  31. thetonyclifton says

    Nonsense if you have to compare your product to another which is at the end of ots life cycle and repeat that yours is better over and over….it isnt!

    You should never have to say so, it should be obvious…which it isnt.

  32. just thought ide chime in for a sec, seeing as i work for a sprint corporate owned retail store. Instinct syncs via bluetooth, and as for web browsing it uses the cameras motion sensor to scroll in any direction by tilting panning and scanning the phone itself. As for the battery: the instinct has two removable Lithium Ion batteries each features 5.75 hours of continuous talk time. the instinct features, “Mobile Sync” which allows the user to synchronize and store unlimited data on Sprint’s mobile support website, and the ability to operate as a Rev-A modem for a computer, via bluetooth or usb cable. Additionally, a 2mp camera streams live video to capable devices as well as video voicemails. I can tell u from an unbiased opinion I love the iphone however it is showing its age, and while i will concede it was a revolutionarry phone yrs ahead of its time, its capabilities have been limited to that of the at&t network. While I am sure the 2nd gen “3G” iPhone will include many much needed features, its downfall will continue to be the 5yr contract with AT&T. at&t just recently finished their gen1 3g network and stated that they will now feature tv capabilities. however, without the speed of a rev-A, soon to be rev-B, network to back it up. it will be useles. it would be like trying to watch a youtube video on a 56k dialup connection. also supporting the instinct is its unlimited network posibilities through the “simply everything plan” further posibilities will come next spring when sprints 4g wimax network will be up and running in every major metro city. If the iphone was sold at all carriers i would agree it is still the best phone in the market. however, at&t will continue to limit its capabilities and the iphone will fall behind the pack. as for customer service, sprint just elected a new CEO who has fired the idiots and turned the company around. We have done a complete 180. 100% of all job activities now include our customer satisfaction. As our commissions are now based on what is called a CSat score, in which are commissions are made on customer experience and satisfaction, rather than the sale itself. so, their is a huge incentive for our staff to be more helpful than in the past. Sprints new network and business practices, along with a pretty cool phone, the Instinct, will not kill the iphone. however it will stimulate the market and creat competition, and competition key to the inovation of great new benchmark products.

    • good one, jason. I totally agree with you. I have touch now but desperately waiting for instinct.

  33. This June there is going to be a great fight between the Champion: Apple iPhone and the Challenger: Sprint’s Instinct. I have a reason saying Apple iPhone and Sprint’s Instinct even though Samsung is manufacturer for Instinct and At&T is a service provider for iPhone.

    I believe this is going to be a handicapped match for Sprint, as iPhone is not just a phone. Steve Jobs and Apple is a strong brand value , backed by At&t’s service, they have largest subscriber base. Also the fact that iPhone was sensational hit when it was launched.

  34. how bout???..im locked up with sprint for like another year Ive wanted the Iphone sooo bad but couldnt get now theyre coming out with a BETTER version of the Iphone…yea ill take it! Oh and all you “3g Iphone 2.0” junkies arent considering the fact that Samsung will find a way to woop it when it comes out..always learn from your mistakes..or in this case..IPHONE’S MISTAKES..nuff said..im buying an instinct

  35. The Instinct is okay but has some pretty serious issues. I’ve owned one since the 1st day they went on sale.

    Mine crashes regularly if you are in the middle of just about any operation and there is simultaneously an incoming call. This means you miss the call! By this, I mean you click a button for the phone to do something right as a call comes in.

    I have callers routinely complain of an echo on their end. I never had this issue with any of my previous Sprint phones.

    The battery life is not very good. I think I get 4-5 hours of solid use before having to switch to the included second battery. Just make sure the other one is charged at all times.

    The operating system is pretty crazy. You cannot copy/paste any text. You cannot do organizational things like move pictures from one album to another within the phone. There is NO syncing up to your Outlook Calendar and a super-weird way of syncing your Outlook Contacts, which by the way, in months of use I have still not been able to make work.

    The video content-related stuff they try to hype you with rarely works.

    Trust me. Don’t get an Instinct! I have been trying to get Sprint to fix mine and they really don’t have any idea what is causing my issues. I’ve tried to get out of my contract based on this and they not only will not let me out of my contract, but they won’t even switch me to another Instinct OR any other Sprint phone. LOL I’m a Sprint hostage! HELP!!


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