$250 iPhones from AT&T

AT&TI just received an email from AT&T about a promotion starting tomorrow. Here’s the info:

We are excited to announce that we will be launching another iPhone Refurb sale!

iPhones are now sold out and are on back-order online. However, your customers will be able to purchase a refurbished iPhone online at AT&T for only $250!

This promotion is valid from Wednesday, May 14th through Friday, May 16th (while supplies last).

We will post a link as soon as we get one…

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  1. Alan Moore says:

    This is to clear out the shelves for the new iphone….cant wait!!!!

  2. iambored8907 says:

    Are they 8gb or 16? $50 off is nothing

  3. cartoon156 says:

    So that’s where all the iPhones went… XD
    Too bad the new 2nd gen iPhones are coming out in a month, and I’m planning on getting that instead. :(

  4. has any1 found it on at&t’s website.
    i cant find it anyplace.
    all i see is the new 8gb iphone for $399.

  5. Do you guys have an idea if you will have to be an existing client of AT&T to order these refurbished iPhones when they come out?

  6. so where is it?

  7. Ahh, got so excited when I saw it. I have promised i friend of mine that I could get one to Denmark for him, and then they are sold out. If you can pull this one off Douglas, you would make my day :)


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