DeviantArt is a popular website for sharing art that has recently become iPhone/iPod Touch friendly. This was exciting for me because I absolutely love this site. You will be amazed at the amount of amazing pieces of art you will find there. The iPhone version of has all the features of the full site. It is very sleek and easy to use. Trust me, you will want to check it out!! The only thing I would like to see changed is when you enlarge a picture, it would utilize the full screen. Check out the screen shots below.

DeviantArt DeviantArt DeviantArt DeviantArt DeviantArt DeviantArt DeviantArt

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  1. can you use any as your wallpapers?

  2. Nice! Finally one of my fav site is tailored for iPhone!

  3. COOL!why didnt you make a post about the new iphone look of the site

  4. I would have thought that using this would be soi you had a near unlimited supply of wallpapers,especially seeing as you have to sign in using your deviantART account, let’s hope it’s thier plan to do so in future updates…till then i’ll steer clear and stick with Wallpaper

  5. hi
    how can i get the source of DeviantArt ????

    • This actually isn’t an application on your iPhone. They just created an iPhone compatible version of their website.

  6. How can I add an icon to deviantart on my summerboard?

    • Just go to on your iPhone and create a webclip, that will add the icon to your SpringBoard.

      You create a webclip by going to the website on your iPhone, taping the + icon in the lower menu bar and then selecting Add to Home Screen.

  7. goonerlen says

    whats the source for this app? any help welcome

    thanks guys

    • This is actually a website and not an application that you install on your iPhone. The site is and it looks great on the iPhone!

  8. How do you reply to journals and to accounts?

  9. How can you use chat? Please emal an answer if you have one I’ll forget to come back to this page I’m sure of it