AppleiPhoneSchool Under the Weather

AppleiPhoneSchool is currently having a few issues that we are trying to work out.

First, we are having a problem with the website randomly hanging while trying to load a page. We have contacted Mosso about this and they are looking into it.

Secondly, our Spam Filter has decided to become massively over protective!! That is why you are not seeing your comments post immediately. I apologize to those of you have retyped/reposted you comments multiple times! You only need to type your comment once it will not post immediately but, it will post.

Please be patient with us and we work these things out! Thanks!

~ Brooke

UPDATE: Please let us know how the site is loading for you. I would love to hear your experience.

– Douglas

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  1. Still very slow.. Some pages dont even load :(

  2. still sloooooooow.

  3. ConfusiousNeverHadAniPhone says

    Hi Guys, pages have been ‘hanging’ for days and the site is slow to load up. I use Firefox and Safari and I have sometimes thought I was back in the old days of ISDN. Hope you are feeling better soon, because you are still the best out there ;-)

  4. Site seems to be loading fine for me here in the UK.

  5. yes, it seems to load quickly but then suddenly hangs in the middle…and then picks up again. This happens on my iPoT but I havens checked my comp yet

  6. Douglas:

    You should look into Yslow, you can google it, it’s a tool by Yahoo to analyze why pages are loading so slow and even tips you on how to solve issues. It’s rather simple to use and helps a lot.
    Hope it helps! I don’t want ANYTHING messing with my AIS fix!

    • Thanks, I will check into that. I think the problem isn’t with something on our page, it’s some server thing.

  7. Im In vegas and sometimes the pages load really slow… if at all…
    Plz fix it because I LOVE THIS SITE! :)

  8. Sometimes it hangs on loading for a long time
    i’m in Rio, Brazil

  9. try to see if you can get a larger B/w per user usage at one point in time. but it has Got a little better over the day

  10. I like the new look, if u can figure out how to make it load faster it will be great

  11. it loads very slow on my iphone. on a hunch i cleared my cache and cookies, and for some reason it worked. the pagea ctually loaded. hope that helps :D

  12. in my ipod and in my computewr sometymes it hangs on the middle the most on the time please solve this i clove this site

    -from venezueal

  13. Sometimes I can get on fine but when I click a link it suddenly gets really slow. I hope you find the problem.

    P.S. I ran a YSlow performance test and it said the grade you get for performance is an F. I would suggest taking a look at that.

    Best of luck.

  14. I’ve never experienced any slowness! Great site!!!

  15. MaverickC17 says

    Loads fine tonight

  16. The site loads very slowly while nothing appears, then suddenly it is loaded.

  17. umm its loading a lot faster then it once did. i remeber siting and waiting like a minute for each post to load. like the home page was o.k. but when i went to look at posts it would load very. very. slow.

  18. Still pretty slow; I am using OS X 10.4.11, Camino, with Time Warner Cable, and I am waiting in the range of 10 to 15 seconds. I love your site and can’t wait for it to be up and running smooth.


  19. Main Screen loads slow, some subsites even won’t load at all :(
    I´m from Europe (Germany)


  20. loads fine for me. I don,t like the new mobil safari look, though. The old one looked much more professional.

  21. I think I may have figured it out… I removed the Translator plugin and it’s flying with no hangups… let’s see how it does today….