Ok guys…I said my iPhone was to the point where it usually needs to be restored and rejailbroke. Well, today is the day. So, while I wait to sync and rejailbreak I thought I would mention something that was brought to my attention yesterday. This is not a new iPhone “application” a few of you may have already heard of it. It is called iYule. It is .mp4 video file that plays on your iPhone. It is very nice, high definition, fireplace complete with crackling sounds. You can download it with music or without…I personally like the music, I think it is relaxing! We have seen iPhone’s used for Wedding vows why not as a nice ambiance to a fancy dinner or, just as a relaxing background. It does cost $5 for the iPhone version of the video but, if you are looking a way to relax after a stressful day, this might be it! You can head over to iYule.tv for more information and to purchase the video.

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  1. atrophic says

    $5, seriously?

  2. alex_dlc says

    are you serious? they charge you for a simple video? 5 bucks? well a itunes song is 99 cents, and theres a lot more work behind a song than a dumb video of a fireplace. who ever pays for this is crazy

  3. Yeah, according to the website, a cut of the proceeds go to charity.

  4. yeah.. on his another mac :) But i love that :)

  5. i would NEVER pay 5 dollars when i can easily go record a video of my fireplace, run it as a video, lay some music behind it and chill…the real truth is…if i wanna relax, im deff not gonna stare at my iphone…