More Refurbished iPhones from AT&T – Sold Out

AT&T has let us know there are more refurbished iPhones for sale. This is good for today only and I’m sure will sell out soon. 16GB for $349 and 8GB for $249.

These are now Sold Out!

Here’s the links:
Refurbished Apple iPhones from AT&T!

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  1. you guys please reply, i want to buy an iphone but i want to unlock it so i do not want to buy a plan when buying it, so can i get the refurbished one without buying a contract? please reply or send me an email at

    also does the refurbished phones come in the regular black iphone box or like i have seen on youtube they come in a orange weird att box and not the regular packaging

    • If you get a referbished iPhone through Apple you don’t need an AT&T contract. They are not marked down as much through Apple but they are cheaper then the stock price.

  2. jovelster says

    sold out like 3 hours ago