Jailbroken vs. Stock

AiS I honestly do not mind restoring my iPhone, I think I have it down to an art now, however there is just something about a completely stock iPhone that feels just so…limiting. As cool as the iPhone is, even stock, it is soooo much better jailbroken! The ability to add more application, giving the iPhone even more functionality, is essential and I’m glad more people will be able to experience with the launch of the App Store. However, having more applications on your iPhone is nothing compared to a custom modded iPhone. This is where having an iPhone becomes personal and the reason so many of us fall in love with our iPhones.

A custom theme, battery, dock, wallpaper, wifi bars, signal bars, carrier logo, system strings, lock screen…is what makes our iPhones, our iPhones. I personally cannot live without my Home Button double-tap bringing me straight to Installer, my dock being transparent, reflective and having five icons and my carrier logo display Brooke instead of AT&T. But, that is just the beginning…I change everything from my system strings to my battery to my wifi-bars. And, it is those changes that makes me smile every time I pick up my iPhone! Personally, I love the iPhone but I love my jailbroken and modded iPhone much more!

I think this comment left by terryl sums it up pretty well, “…recently a group of 5 boys stole my iphone which i had put so much into and it left me devastated…theres no way im going back to the regular flip phone. but i feel the 3g will never be like my old 16gb iphone i will miss it and love it forever.”

>Stock iPhone

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  1. I am not jailbreaking my phone when I update for July 11th, but Brooke make sure you post the new “Tap Tap Revenge”. :)

  2. Tiffany Womack says

    I really feel what you are saying! This is what has had me questioning getting a new 3g iphone. I will sacrifice speed for customization. It may sound sad to some people, but they obviously do not have jailbroken iPhones…lol! I love my Buuf theme with MYPHONE as my carrier! I don’t want to go back to jail for faster connection speed!

  3. I think a stock iPhone would be boring as you can’t play games etc. I suppose the AppStore is coming out but you have to pay for all of the apps. Also modding my iPhone is better as well and pwning is even better!!!!!

  4. I totally agree, but I don’t have restoring down to an art

    Counting, I have restored 18 times because of faulty jailbreaks and mailicious apps

    The numerous times I have tried winpwn, it hasn’t worked so I have to do it with Ziphone…

    Right now I just got it perfected with personalization and apps so I have to make sure I don’t get it lost, stolen, [or taken by my parents for being addicted to it]

    • but see that’s the beutty of a jailbroken that no matter how
      many times you have to
      restore you always have fun bring it back


    What makes you think that you won’t be able to mod your 3G iPhone? It’s the exact same software… The 2.0 software will definitely be able to be jailbroken and modified. The hackers have proved they’re always there at Apple’s cat and mouse game.

  6. They are talking about the fact that we will have to wait a long time for any current installer app or game to even work with 2.0 we know that they need to re-write and make the current ones compatible, so in a nutshel if you update to 2.0 or get a 3g iphone you are gonna be waiting a fair while for any apps to work.

  7. Dont you have to go to the AT&T store when you restore a 3g phone to activate it? Or can you do it through iTunes still?

    • Once your phone is Activated…It is Activated….iTunes doesn’t re-activate the phone after you jail-break it.
      AT&T is only “requiring” you to activate in-store…so you have to buy their service….so you don’t just buy the phone and take it someplace else…that is why they are discounting it in the store.

  8. Nice thoughts Brooke. I too have jailbreaking down to an art, as I try many things on my phone. I came to the iPhone late, last December. I knew nothing of jailbreaking, however as soon as I spotted some of the cool apps, and themes out there, I made the change.

    I just hope we can jailbreak the 3G, or I just may hold on to my V1 for a time.

  9. Cramster911 says

    Amen, I do love the customization more than anything and agree fully, I also feel, however, that upgrading to the new white model 16gb iPhone 3G (currently on an original 8gb) will be completely worth it as it will soon be able to be customized same as possible right now.

  10. I like to jailbrake my touch, i like to custom it

  11. Bernardo Lima says

    I love MY iPod Touch!! :)

    • I have a possibility to get an iPod Touch for Free…with Credit Card points…Not sure if I should or not…I already have the iPhone…8GB

    • Ken,

      We have a couple iPod touches and my iPhone. It’s much better for the kids to watch a movie on an iPod touch because they get frustrated when they have to give me the phone because of a call.

      Not only that, but the iPod touch is an absolute pleasure to hold in your hand. The form factor is unbelievable.

  12. Well, let’s just hope that they’ll release several themes on the App Store – or some apps to customize your device.

    I can’t stand the original design, in fact I get bored real fast with my own “perfect” customized designs.

    But… Is everyone absolutely sure that there’ll be no way to jailbreak an iPhone 3G without having to activate after restore?

    Greetings from Germany,

  13. MaverickC17 says

    The customization that stands out the most when I show my iPhone to other iPhone owners is vWallpaper. They immediately ask me to hook them up with their own personal vWallpaper for their iPhone. Which leads them to discover a ton of other cool applications.

    I’ve been trying to figure out what will be the applications that I really really want for me to part with my Jailbroken 8GB iPhone for the iPhone 3G. I think I have it narrowed down.

    – A Video Recorder so i can email videos to my FaceBook account like “VideoRecorder” i have now.
    – A Twitter application that has Twinkle’s “near me” feature. Every Twitter application should have this anyway. Twitter.com could implement this with just having users put in their zip code. And also Twinkle’s feature how you can snap a picture and it can be displayed in the app.
    – A RSS feed reader like “Smart RSS”

    I think those are the absolute minimum I would have to have for me to switch to the iPhone 3G.

    • I have also shown others the vWallpaper and it blows them away. I actually have this one video clip, that I show the guys….of a woman kind of dancing around and doing a little strip. sorry Brooke…

      They just can’t get over the fact that you can play a movie clip…or complete movie…as a background wallpaper.

  14. I hope that the sources keep doing new and free apps for the jailbroken iphone

    • I agree 100% Brooke!! I will keep my Gen1 8gig phone until it is possible to jailbreak the new 3G’s. I have wifi at work and at home so the 3G aspect is not really a big deal for me. I can’t think of many situations where GPS would be a must either. So for now, I will keep my custom iphone and wait until later for the 3G.

  15. Hubert Cumberdale says

    You shall be called iPhone, a pleasure for the tips! Said Mary Mandolin

  16. HoneyHunter says

    Brooke, Sorry to hear that. Hope you get your iPhone back

  17. seijinzero says

    how does one get restoring down to an art? I just restored (unfortunately), and it took
    me over 10 hours. Lots of SSH-ing, LOL. And BTW, I have no doubt that the 3g will be jailbroken before the summer is over, but I don’t think it’s going to have the level of support of the original. Plus, everyone is going to have apps, so having a tricked out phone isn’t going to be special anymore :'(

    • a lot of people have asked me what I would do if I loose my phone! I told them that I without a doubt would buy another one, even if has to be a 3 g which at this point don’t want until
      is jailbroken! Lol

  18. can jailbreaking damage or brick an itouch?
    Because I really want to jailbreak
    please help

  19. I understand what you said, Brooke. But really, I will keep my iPhone, not restoring it or buy the 3G one. I changed my theme almost everyday and that’s what I love doing with my iPhone.

  20. firsttimeuser says

    Please help, I recently purchased an unlocked/jailbroken 2g iphone and I am wondering where do I go to find these free applications? Is it true that if I download a free one from itunes the phone will no longer be jailbroken?

  21. I am very happy with my phone the way it came from apple!
    They do very good gui designs and dont cut cornners.
    I will never jailbreak my phone because I want it to just work
    I find it kinda tacky to jailbreak the phone.
    Its not really worth it because apples knows how this works and they will make some apps that will be so nice it will not make a diff to jail break the phone!
    I want to confidence that my phone works hands down
    the security of knowing I did not do anything to the phone other than normal use. Im started to really understand apples logic of closed systems. From an artistic standpoint they want to try to maintain the look and feel and motion of their product instead of allowing folks that are less fasionable to bring tacky looking non sexy apps and basicly ruin the look and feel of the iphone! Well I will blast My message Im cool with apple and the iphone.. I gues I dont care to pay for something and get what I pay for!
    I paid for a quality good working phone that goes beyond the normal use of a phone and Im very happy. I have no need to jailbreak it
    I have music apps wallpapers and all I need. its funny how everyone wants to jailbreak the iphone.. but they will not hack a apple G5
    they just take it as it is.. and love it.
    I mean why buy an iphone if your goal is to jailbreak it
    why not get the Omnia or BlackB storm
    …it needs a better looking OS and Gui anyway!