Dev Team Gives Additional Installer 4.0 Screenshots

Dev TeamThe Dev Team has also recently updated their blog, part of the update gives some additional screenshots of what Installer 4.0 will look like. Check them out below. They also mention that Installer will not be out in the next few days but sooner than a couple of weeks. there is a lot more to their update and you can read the entire blog entry HERE.

Installer 4.0

Installer 4.0

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  1. looking good

  2. in some blogs say installer is going to be relased until october2009, and also I read that the installer wasn’t released today because it damages iPhone first generation

  3. i will update to 2.0 as soon as the installer does..

  4. The new installer looks great but I’m falling in love with cydia. You can add sources to cydia now too.

    • blinkpurple2 says

      I be been trying to add videos for my backround I can’t find an app tohelp me with that 0-0

  5. i want to go ahead and jailbreak and use cydia, but i have a question:
    when installer comes out will you have to pwn it again to get installer on there, or do you get installer on via cydia, or ssh, or what? i dont wanna do the jailbreak if im just gonna have to do it again in a week

  6. Did alot of the 1.1.4 apps move to 2.0, or some ?

    • no actually. little 1.1.4 apps moved to 2.0. apps like customize, cydia, and bossprefs have already moved to 2.0, but you can still find them in 1.1.4 or lower( or 1.1.5 ). most of the 1.1.4 are still in development for 2.0.

  7. Looks cool to me:)

  8. if they don’t hurry up cydia is going to take its place