MobileNukerSo while looking for info on Lights Off I found some other projects by the same developer. One is called MobileNuker. It’s a pretty simple app that allows you to crash a windows machine by entering it’s IP address. Here’s a video of it working:

Watch “MobileNuker” from your iPhone or iPod Touch

You can download the app at the Google code link below and SSH it onto your iPhone. Pretty sure it only works on 1.1.4 and below based on the last time the code was edited. I tried it on my 3G and it wasn’t good…

You can see more about the app at the developer’s website here:

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  1. video is no longer available

  2. video is fine.. but the app is BAD BAD BAD :D

  3. This app is great! It should have the ability to save IP addresses so you can trick your friends without they knowing it :D

  4. Doug, does ” I tried it on my 3G and it wasn’t good…” mean that we should or shouldn’t install it?

    • I tried it on my 3G with 2.0 firmware and I got the SWOD, kinda. I just ssh’d it back off and it worked again. So, the app works on 1.1.4, not 2.0.

    • i tried it just now.. it puts the icon on but when you tao on it it just crashes back to the main screen

    • @ Lachlan . you must set correct Permissions

    • what are the correct Permissions … and how do we change them? using iPhoneBrowser

    • never mind:

      Change permissions using MobileFinder (Finder)

      It’s the same procedure like Squid, just slightly different interface. Less likely to cock up also. First thing you’ll need to do is to change it’s settings. Turn Off Application Launch and Executable Launch.

      Step 1: Navigate to the file using MobileFinder

      Step 2: Tap on Modify button

      Step 3: Tap on Buttons like this screenshot here.

      Step 4: Tap done to save changes

      Step 5: [Step optional] To confirm your permission have changed, tap Modify again, then look under “File Properties”. The “Permissions” should be 493 (that is still 755)

    • what file do you need to change the permission for?

  5. awsomeeee gonna use it now:)

  6. William shewfelt says

    is he gonna port it for 2.0.1?

    Because I would love to have this

  7. by crash a windows machine, what exactly do you mean? can people go around typing in random ip’s and messing with people or do you have to be on the same network? pardon my n00bness

    • same network yes…

    • more n00bness, what do you mean by crash? what happens, does it send a virus to the pc, cuz that sounds dangerous

    • its not a virus n00b (jk)
      unlike a virus, this is a one shot crash, and does not “infect” the computer.
      it cannot spread, and only works if u know the exact IP address of the PC (which on a virus would be something easily gone around)
      aslo it does not affect the local software, so nearby files and programs are not lost or corrupted.
      the only big “problem” is that if the victim has no idea who it is, he might get frustrated having his computer shut down and leav for a few hours

  8. It will only work against Windows 3.x, Windows 95, Windows NT 4 (pre SP6), Windows XP (pre SP1). Soo… Nothing special…

  9. Doesnt work on Mac OS X !

  10. yeah this wont work on any new setup .. wow who is running pre SP1 on winXP . lol i don’t know anybody

  11. Yeah probably not going to have a high success rate with this if it uses an old vuln.

    What’s up with the post count around here lately? Dozens of apps coming out everyday and only a few posts?

  12. a little off topic, but does anyone know why breakclassic is not in the app store anymore??

  13. cloudywolf says

    wat are the permissions for the app?

    • 755

    • what file do i have to change the permission? i changed all the files in the folder to 755 but it still doesnt work.

    • what file do i have to change the permission to?

    • hi,

      i had the same problem, you just have to access the apps folder via winscp or something an then set every file in the folder on 755 too, because i also thought when i set the folder on 755 that automatically every file in this folder is on 755 too, but it isn’t so ;)

    • lach…i set every file in the folder to 755, and the folder itself. it still crashes on me. any other suggestions?

  14. I totally forgot how to ssh this thing onto my ipod touch/iphone, can you tell me where to put this app? Thank you. Where do I put this app under? Media? Library?

    • /Applications

    • I dragged the folder called in the Applications, but I don’t know where to find the nuker on my ipod touch/iphone.

    • Nevermind its on there, I had to reboot it. But when I open it, it just shows a black screen and go back to homepage, have any idea on whats going on?

  15. todd_chitown says

    It’s just a shutdown command, you can do that from any terminal or (dos) console…

  16. When I open the nuker, it just shows a black screen and go back to homepage, have any idea on whats going on?

  17. To prevent the pc from shutting down just enter “shutdown -b” into “run…”, but I think you already know that ;)

  18. Err the stuff up on GoogleCode isn’t working and never has worked. It was written for 1.1.4 but never finished. The video you linked to is the 2.0 SDK version, which isn’t available yet.