Speed 1.0.1

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SpeedThis application is very simple. It tells you the speed you are going based on GPS information. I am not extremely impressed at it’s current state but the developer says the update is already submitted to Apple and should be out anytime.

The biggest problem I have, and that the update should fix, is accuracy. First, the speed only shows at increments of 5mph. I also tried it on my bike and got nothing. I swear I was going at least 5mph! Seriously though, the concept is kewl, and the design is great, but until it goes by single digits and is more responsive I say to pass on this one. Hopefully the update will come through and then I think it will be pretty sweet. We’ll see!

Click here to download Speed via the App Store.

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  1. nice app very useful

  2. i have this option in my navigation device in my car and the reason for the 5mph increments is problably the accuracy. those things are never perfectly accurate, so having it more detailed would just be an illusion of representive speed.
    i wouldnt be surprised if the built in apple gps is even less accurate than a professional gps device. it was just ment for promotion, not to be actually useful…. thanks goes to steve for the biggest ripof in history

  3. Yeah Lee 5 is a single digit.