Time of Day WinterBoard Theme

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WinterBoard Now, this is really cool! The Time of Day theme available via Cydia changes the wallpaper image based on the time of day! This is a WinterBoard theme so, you will have to have WinterBoard installed before installing Time of Day. Once you have installed the theme, you can go into WinterBoard and select it from the list of files. Then, hit your Home Button and your iPhone or iPod Touch will respring and you will have the Time of Day theme. The theme does not change any icons, they remain as the stock icons but it automatically switches between five wallpapers based on the time of day! It determines the time of day based on the time set on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

In the wee morning hours, you get a nice sunrise wallpaper. A little later in the morning, the wallpaper will change to a daytime image. Toward late-morning/early-afternoon, it will switch to another daytime wallpaper with green grass and a blue sky. Later in the evening it will change to a wallpaper of a sunset. And during the night, you get a nice evening sky wallpaper.

Demonstrates one of the cool feature of WinterBoard!

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  1. as inspector gadget would say “wowzers”

  2. Installed this last night………AWESOME is the only way to describe it! More apps like this will only make the iphone better and more popular…..never seen a theme like it before

  3. Is it possible to use this theme and use another one for the icons?

  4. Can I get my own wallpaper images for the time of day? If yes, how? Thanks!

  5. I wish Apple would allow themes. It’s the only thing I jailbreak for! 95% of all of the apps are crap anyway, so let me theme and I won’t jailbreak! Listen Apple!

  6. Also Brooke ~ what the heck do you have 16 updates for in the AppStore? lol

  7. Does anybody have problem with chromium iphone theme I installed and then updated and now I’m having problems if I don’t have it checked on winterboard a lot of things disapear like Dialer numbers my spinning wheel next to wifi any ideas ppl. THANX…

  8. i agree with pyri. themes is mostly what i jailbreak for. that and gba emulator

  9. isn’t it the same as illuminate?

  10. hmmmm …. I only seem to get 3 differant wallpapers, anyone else having this prob?

  11. Oh yeah, I am missing the sunrise and sunset … and no, I am up early, bout 6ish in the morning so i should have saw it by now !!! ;o)

  12. I like Time of Day, but what is really cool is Illuminated! It changes wallpapers more often and the sun and moon actually traverse relative to the time. What would be really cool is to have a wall paper that showed the background as your actual weather and the correct moon phase at night! But this (Illuminated) is still really great!

  13. Sorry images not there maybe here?

    • Douglas,
      This site is lame – although I love it! One cannot post pics with HTML or links – or am I doing something wrong?

  14. i agree, would love to see one tha thas the weather as the background. it do have katra’s weather as my lock screen. that’s sweet.

    now, i notice that this theme is no longer offered in cydia. only illuminated.

  15. Hi, I love this idea of changing themes thru of the day, I am wondering if The other one you created with the pink icons, How did you get the icons to be that way? Please respond back, Thanks!

  16. hi i downloaded it but i see still same icons with default what i have to do for fixing it? anyone can mail me pls

    mehmet [at] komposto.org


  17. you have to creat a new folder in the theme folder an name it Icons
    in there you put icons with certian names Videos.png Photos.png Youtube.png Music.png and many other you can find them out yourself. now icons can be as big as you want but i suggest you make them 65×65.
    cheers :)

  18. Whats really cool is this and time of day 24 which has 24 screens (for every hour). Whats a good icon set/ lockscreen to go with this theme?

  19. Regarding this Time of Day theme,this theme is great as it changes depends on the time of day but the icons are not good so I decided to combine it with Glass Apple and Chromatic Neon.The order in your winterboard has to be TIme of day,Glass apple and chromatic neon it will change the icons and it looks cool.Try it.