9 New iPhone Car Mounts

Arkon will be releasing 9 new iPhone car mounts in September. The sweet thing is they will work for both 1st Gen iPhones and the iPhone 3G. There is a windshield suction mount, cup holder mount, removable air vent mount, bicycle handlebar mount, sun visor mount, friction dash mounts (aka “bean bag mounts), passenger side seat bolt floor mount, and a multi angle adhesive dash mount.

The hardest part will be choosing from them all and that’s why we’re working with Arkon to get you reviews of all of them. That way you’ll know what works for you. I’m pretty excited about the bicycle mount. I’ve been riding my bike to work everyday and it would be sweet to use some of the navaigtaion apps like Speed.

The prices range from 14.95 to 29.95 and you can more specs on them all at Arkon.com.

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  1. Mad.. Car Mount.. How Can we get one..

  2. I’m personally loving my cup holder mount for the original iPod 5G. The only gripe I have with it is the fact that it’s too low to drive safely. Also, I LOVE using the iPod .app in landscape in my car, so I hope it adds a swivel holster or something! I am definatly getting it, regardless!

  3. the passanger visor one looks pretty good! :D

  4. which is the one for the bicycle

  5. i highly doubt it, but i wonder if the ciggy lighter mount actually charges the phone while in the cradle?