iHologram is Fake

There’s been a video going around about a hologram app called iHologram. It was said to work on the concept of Anamorphosis. I assumed the video was fake for two reasons. One, The accelerometer doesn’t work like that. When sitting on a flat surface it doesn’t know it’s being turned like that. Second, there was only one video from one angle so I assumed it was a video editing trick.

The author of the video originally said, “Ive just finished coding an application for the iphone/ipod touch. It gives the illusion of a 3d hologram jumping off the screen. The application works by assuming a constant viewing angle (35-45 degrees), typical for when the device is placed on a tabletop. The 3d scene’s perspective is warped using anamorphosis, the same technique used in Hans Holbein’s painting The Ambassadors. This application does the exact same but updates dynamically.”

More recently though, the author posted this to his website, “The iHologram app was not real. It was an illustration of an idea I had which I believe could work with the technology (combining anamorphosis and motion sensing). Unfortunately I’m just an ideas person, and I can show how things should look, but I’m no hardcore programmer.”

Here is the video below:

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  1. iphonejunky says

    hmm interesting..kinda neat..too bad its fake

    • I have no patience for fakers. Look at all the effort this guy went through to deceive everybody. He shouldn’t have lied and said he “just finished coding” it. He could have presented his video truthfully as a prototype, instead.

      Anyway, as Douglas explained, this idea won’t work on any current iPhone. It could only work on future iPhones, if they incorporate a compass. (Which I hope they do – it would be useful for GPS navigation apps.)

  2. If that was real I wouldn’t mind buy it.

  3. ( buying )

  4. yeah you kinda could see it was a fake from that video…

    I saw another video on youtube, an obvious fake about the iphone showing holograms like on the SW movies! :D

  5. What is the world coming to? Can we trust no one anymore? I felt kinda bad for the little guy, always walking, going nowhere.

  6. *starts

  7. I wouldn’t consider this a fake…

  8. That’s not completely true.
    If you use AquaForest, the accelerometer works on a flat surface.

    • If the accelerometer works for you while playing AquaForest on a flat surface; then either you are not playing on a completely flat surface, or the accelerometer itself is not making the stuff in the game move around the screen, but rather that is just how the game does.
      This concept of this app could work on an iPhone 3g without the accelerometer. Since the 3G has GPS, the iPhone should be able to tell which way it is facing at all times.

    • The accelerometer only works for telling the iphone which way is down. The only way it would be possible to have it react like that is with a compass. Even the GPS won’t help since it will only tell the iphone where it is. The only way it can determine direction is if you’re moving. Even then if you stop and rotate the iphone it won’t be able to update correctly.

  9. Even though thats fake…. that is one bad video.


  11. No i saw it on limitededitioniphone.com!

  12. I knew it, it was blatantly fake when the accelerometer was used like that, although it is a reasonable concept.

  13. It’s sad how he wasted everyone’s time with this video and his posts but, it’s kind of good that he did this because now someone has a template to make this app a reality.

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    no there not they use the same theme
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  15. iHologram looks simular to (augmented reality) done by “EricRice.com/spin” featured on (GeekBrief TV) #0405

  16. You know that he wasn’t using the A-ometer, but touching the screen!

  17. nvm