New iPhone Magazine – iPhone Life

There is a new magazine coming out soon called iPhone Life. There is a preview of the Table of Contents which include: How to rip DVDs and CDs; Celebrities and other people using the iPhone; Best iPhone Accessories; and a whole lot more. I’ve attached an image of the table of contents below.

You get 8 issues plus the premiere issue which I guess is larger than the rest. You also get access to the online digital version readable from the iPhone or iPod Touch. The first issue comes out September 9th and will be delivered through 2010 for $25. This seems like not very often :( I also think they are going to have a hard time coming up with content that is new and fresh in print material. I guess we’ll see because we are going to order it and let you know if it’s worth it. Stay tuned!

To order the iPhone Life magazine visit

If you want to read more about the magazine you can visit their site at

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  1. Phil, Washington DC says

    I will be first in line for this magazine.

  2. If it comes out as often (or as infequent) as you say, there shouldn’t be any problem coming up with new material, lol. Now if they cover JailBreaking or Unlocking (which will get then sued all to hell), that’s another story. I’m getting it regardless!

  3. This magazine seems pointless. I don’t think this mag will be able to tell me anything that I couldn’t already find out by looking at all the top iPhone sites out there. The magazine wouldn’t be as up to date either. As soon as there is any iPhone news, major sites like this one will have it first. You might have to wait weeks for the magazine to be published just to hear the same news. My $.02

    • Then same thing can be said about all the magazines in circulations. There’s nothing we can’t get on internet that’s printed now a days.

      Some people like having printed material on hand, to read in air planes, doctor’s office, etc. Just like some people still prefer to have paper vs. going to

      my two pennies

  4. Hey Doug, what happened to the podcast you PROMISED two weeks ago? Hehe.

    • Ya where is it?

    • Sorry, Brooke has been really sick with pregnancy. We just have to time a night that she’s not sick. We’ll let you know :)

    • CONGRATULATIONS! How wonderful! We can wait. All my best to you and Brooke and my prayers for a safe delivery. Ant names picked out yet?

    • ant lol, iPhone correction ftw

    • Yeah, Pyri, not the iPhone correction, though. But I have experienced that. I get sloppy typing and rely on spell check to catch my typos (NOT my spelling ;) ) And you know the “y” and “t” are right next to each other so “any” or “ant” still come off as correct.
      Still, CONGRATULATIONS Douglas and Brooke!

  5. I love your site and all the information you impart, thank you Douglas and Brooke, and congratulations. I hope Brooke feels better soon.

    • Congrats Doug & Brooke… you probably already “announced” your pregnancy, but I just heard here. Prayers and best wishes to all 3 of you for a healthy, happy birth!

  6. Da187suspect says

    CONGRATS!!! Great news, you should buy your baby an iPhone and get him/her started right away, the kid can take over the family business in no time, lol.

  7. Is Obama using iPhone?

  8. Are you fallen asleep here at the school?
    There’s not much news or activity here lately. :-(

    • I’m sure there’s a minor shift in priorities lately with Brooke’s “condition”! Doug is doing an excellent job here (as well I’m sure, with being there for Brooke). I’m sure once things settle a little, things will be back in full swing! :-D

  9. i cant wait till i this magizene comes out :)

  10. Apple September 9th EVent is OFFICIALLY Confirmed!

  11. Anyone know if this will this be available in bookstores?

  12. I found it in a bookstore. Not a bad mag. A lot of stuff I already knew but some that I didn’t. Worth flipping through but I am afraid they may have a hard time keeping decent content flowing in the future.


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