WinterBoard and Firmware 2.1

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WinterBoardThere seems to be some problems with WinterBoard and Firmware 2.1. The developer, saurik, is working on the issues and knowing his track record, it will be resolved soon so be patient. According to the info in Cydia under WinterBoard, here are the issues:

“Please note that the UIImages tool crashes on iPhoneOS 2.1. This issue is being examined (Apple completely changed how that cache works). Also, please note that your phone may “randomly” reboot about a minute after upgrading WinterBoard. I am also looking into this issue.”

Let us know if you’re having any problems. We’ll know more tonight once we upgrade…

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  1. Hi there:
    I am not having problems with WB on my iPhone 2G. However, I cant find any themes to use in Customize…..

    • i’m having the same problem with customise but i think it’s because the server is down or something like that

  2. not problems here with my 3g 2.1 iphone.. all running smoothly!!

  3. It seems to work fine once installed… a few icons may be cut off though. Also my iPhone did reboot a few minutes after upgrading Winterboard (like described in cydia).

    Still works though!

  4. Does anyone use Customize???

    • Hi there, I used to use Customize in 2.0.1 (i never did the .0.2 update) and it worked fine, but it was to unstable and buggy, besides to get it working in the first place, it was a mess, you had to make some folders and empty png files, so i gave winterboard a try, and it is much more simpler and intuitive, well and also powerful, give it a try, you’ll be amazed lol i just relised i sound like a piad commercial or sth

  5. I use a custom version of the leaf theme. Using the “names” for dock icons, use the background, dock and battery but I do NOT use any of the custom icons for apps. I also have different color bars and changed my sliders to black sliders. This all seems to work fine with the updated Winterboard. I ALSO got the reboot after the install, but it only happens once.

  6. Since 2.1 arrived Customize isn’t right and Installer, is up and down. Mostly down.

  7. If i go to Customize app I cant find any theme to use it!!
    Also, how could I take off the “Call Forwarding Active” message???

  8. YUP
    customize does NOT work on 2.1 at all

    I checked their website, its down too
    Got into the forums, no updates, I wonder where Spicychicken is , seems he has not posted there in a long while and this may mean Customize might not be updated for 2.1, I hope this is not the case

    One ?, If I move to using Winterboard for my ICONS, how to do I make it to use the ICONS I used in Customize for Battery, wifi, Bubbles on SMS, etc

    Thanks all

  9. How do we customize our themes with winterboard? I remember that in summerboard you could choose not to have the icons or custom ock, etc… How does winterboard work? It is a great app but needs to have much much much more options.

  10. While it’s awesome that saurik fixed winterboard with a quickness, there are other problems too. Like customize, it seems like it can’t connect to it’s files online. And then there’s a compatibility problem with snapture and video recorder. Those are the only other problems thatI’ve seen so far.

  11. WinterBoard works great on my 3G
    with 2.1

    • Hi,
      Where can i download WinterBoard, I am using a 3G v2.1 iphone and cant find it in cydia.
      Please help.

  12. Probably a dumb question. Is there any way to save the vids made in cycorder so I can upgrade to 2.1 and re jailbreak? Thanks

  13. Guys their are a few apps not working in this stupid backwords update EX VoiceDialer from Apples App store, Snapture from Cydia etc.

    Apple screwed this up when it updated to ITUNE 8.1 go back to ITUNE 7 and all works fine.

  14. ConfusiousNeverHadAniPhone says

    Initially there was a reboot issue and also I found that cydia would suddenly quit on me when browsing the categories, however having installed the 10 up-dates about an hour ago, all seems fine, at the moment at least ;-)

  15. I think customize has bitten the dust, and spicychicken has given up. If winterboard continues to improve and the themes grow, customize is dead in the water. BANG! Gone.

  16. I upgraded with no issued.
    It helped very much to use the aptBackup. All of my winterboard settings where applied and I did not lose any 3rf party apps.

  17. Are there any issues with this version of Winterboard and firmware 2.0.2?

  18. A8stract NTW works great wit uiimages.

  19. I have had no specific problems with WinterBoard on 2.1. There does appear to be some conflict with Intelliscreen. I wonder if Saurik has any comment on this?

    • Intelliscreen is just not working on 2.1. They are working on it ( there is a note on the website ) so I’m sure it will be back soon.

  20. WinterBoard creates significant lag in 2.1 firmware

    First, I think the developers have created some awesome jailbreaks and 3rd party apps…I’ve used them since day one.

    Second, Apple gets credit for 2.1 firmware which almost brings the iPhone 3G performance to the level of the original iPhone.

    I’ve methodically installed and tested performance after each application to see the effect.

    1). Jailbreaking with QuickPwn or Pwnage Tool does not impact performance.
    2). Performance hits come solely from 3rd party apps.

    Of the apps I tested these have the largest impact on performance:

    WinterBoard –
    This apps is almost the sole reason I jailbreak, however, it has the most significant impact on system performance. After installing Winterboard, (without applying any themes):
    – Increased lag in opening apps – 1-2 seconds
    – Noticable keyboard lag
    – Slow screen transitions
    – Shutdown time goes from 5 seconds to 50 seconds
    – Startup time goes from 20 seconds to over a minute

    BigBoss Prefs –
    One of my favorite apps “BigBoss Prefs” easily quadruples shutdown time. Unfortunately, uninstalling does not undo the damage.

    I’m not a developer but it appears these apps are running background processes and/or impacting file system verification.

    While i luv the app it literally negates all performance gains achieved with 2.1 firmware release.

    • I have noticed the same as you in startup times, but my phone with Winterboard and Boss Pref shuts down fairly fast. About 8 seconds or less.

      I also have no keyboard lag or screen transitions, but DO get the extra couple of seconds opening apps.

  21. I have no lag with 2.1 and boss prefs. Its practically the only app i do use with cydia. I read on boss’s blog saying that have made updates for 2.1 firmware.

  22. mayeb a complilation article should be released on how things have changed on 2.1 all my apps on 2.0.1 have updates and im afriad to do them bc i think theyre for 2.1

  23. I have a theme backup that I made with Customize. How do I apply it with Winterboard? I tried to copy the theme to /Library/Themes.xxxx then select it in Winterboard but that had no effect :( I can’t find any “customize to Winterboard theme transfer” info



    • Hi what is with the issue with firmare 2.1 is it fixed because i am on firmware 2.1 but i dont know if i can install winterboard without complications

    • You have to create a folder named Themes under /Library and copy themes folders (xxxx.theme) into it. Restart Springboard you will see themes to select

  24. Has anyone solved the problem to the blank winterboard? I’ve noticed through other blogs that there are quite a few ppl with this problem (myself included), but no real solution besides doing a restore. I’m on a G1 with 2.1 firmware and have gone through all the right protocal, ie, reinstalled winterboard, did the power down, start up, changed permission preferences, everything I know of in my power with no avail. A new update for winterboard came out today but that still didn’t help. Anyone know what can be done through SSH or otherwise? doing a restore really bites

  25. when I downloaded the 2.1 firmware update it completely erased my winterboard and cydia applications, is there a way to restore to my previous state. I remember when cracking I restored to a WinPwn created file but do I need to redo this step to get winterboard again? and am I going to need to do this on all future updates? also will I lose the 2.1 specific apps I downloaded after upgrading to 2.1?

  26. same here as gyro911. when i bought my iphone 3g i jailbroken it with winpwn 2.1 without any problem then installed cydia and After installing a lot of apps i then installed winterboard which i thought doesn’t come with preinstalled themes. then i installed other themes from cydia and but still wont show any themes on the list.

  27. WinterBoard works great on my 3G with2.1 BUT VWLLPAPER DOES NOT WORK

  28. Winterboard and 2.1, i find you can’t access your call waiting. if winterboard is uninstalled it works. can someone address please because i love this app. but i will have to END my first call to get the call waiting.