IBM Releases Lotus Notes via Web App

Available via Safari       Price: Free with Lotus Notes License  

The wait is finally over. There has been talk for a long time that IBM was developing Lotus Notes for the iPhone. You can now access your email, calendars, and contacts if you have an existing Lotus Notes License. Surprisingly this is not available through an app in the App Store but via a web address using Safari. Just visit to find out how to get it set up for your business. Below are some screenshots of the web app which IBM calls Lotus iNotes.

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  1. Has anyone actually used this. I went to this site. Signed up for the greenhouse account still no access. There forum is full of users how haven’t been about to access this yet. If you are able to use it let me know how on Twitter = Jcredible. Thanks

    • I did access it. You have to sign up and then create a greenhouse email account. Once that is created, you can logon from your iphone. It doesn’t give me access to my domino account at work though, just the one I created in my greenhouse profile. I think your Lotus Administrators have to do something on the domino server to allow you to access it. I’m disappointed with this btw. It’s nothing but a webapp that took them forever to develop. Doesn’t allow you to view or open other databases other than you mail calendar contacts etc. Would be nice if they actually came out with an application that has the functionality that others do. (Push)

  2. Thanks man. Anybody out their with the corporate mail (Lotus Notes) to work on their iphone. So far this sucks.

    • I’m sending the info to our email admin to see if he can set it up. I’ll post the results. I don’t know if it will work for us though because we are running Domino version 6.5

  3. I think your right. Thats what we are running Domino 6.5. I think for this to work properly on iphone it needs 8+. Thanks man.

  4. Great conversation guys. My dad uses Lotus Notes at work and he said he would get an iPhone as soon as it had Lotus Notes!! So, guess who is going to be talked into getting an iPhone very soon!!

    I think he will find these comments to be very helpful for when he sets up his Lotus Notes. Thanks!

  5. Hi. I didn’t understand if INotes is an web application or a local iphone application. Is this interface just a web copy of the real iphone interface?

    Best Regards,

  6. Eric – this is simply a web app.
    The one available on Lotus Greenhouse is quite good and I current forward my corporate Lotus Notes email to the account created there as a workaround, until my company get their act together and upgrade the servers to 8.02. Note that when you send an email from the Lotus Greenhouse account, it will show the email address you signed up with and therefore shows my company email address.