Proxy Pal

Available In: App Store       Price: $1.99  

Proxy PalFirst, if you don’t know what a proxy is, check out this article on Wikipedia. Basically it’s a way to get to websites that are blocked by your work or school. Some businesses block things like eBay, Facebook or MySpace to keep you more productive. You just visit the proxy website and then enter the web address you’d like to visit. Some businesses and schools catch on the the proxy sites and block them too so this application helps you find the best proxies and also share yours.

Now, either mine is broke or there is a serious problem. All I can do is scroll through the list and move the proxies into the “Best” or “Lame” group. It seems it would be common sense to make the link tappable and launch in Safari. I might be missing something here so let me know. Maybe Apple wouldn’t let them…

This app would definitely be worth it if you’re school or work is trying to keep up with blocking your proxies. It’s available in the App Store for $1.99 from Bottle Rocket.


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  1. great! thx!

  2. I believe the general idea of the application is to have proxies on-hand for using on the institution’s actual computers, since most people who own iPhones are on a data plan and wouldn’t need to proxy their mobile viewing.

  3. yep, that’s the deal. use proxy pal to get around the security to get the proxy, then use the proxy on your desktop. you can use on your iphone, but no reason to. proxy pal will save you one day. it already did save me.

  4. At my work please the even prevent the right clicks and the access to the internet explorer or any browser’s settings to modify the proxy server, so unfortunately I can’t use this program for this purpose.

  5. this is not working at my place of work when i type in the web address in the browser they are blocked?? so theres no way around it

    unhappy cos i paid for nothing

  6. How do I trick my iPhone 3G into connecting to the Canadian appstore? I’m in Taiwan, but i have a Canadian appstore account. Whenever I try to download something from the appstore it says I need to connect to the Canadian appstore… I then log in and it doesn’t work. Why am I not connecting to the Canadian appstore in the first place… ?

    Any suggestions?